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Inauguration of Crawly Bangladeshi Welfare Association

41Crawly Bangladesh Welfare Association organised inauguration of its newly elected committee in a local restaurant on 24 March.  The Blue India restaurant authority welcomed the new committee members in a festive mood.
The inauguration ceremony was presided over by the President of the association Kayum Miah, who has been elected again this time.  The newly elected General Secretary Tariq Miah conducted the meeting.  The other elected committee members who addressed the audience included newly elected Treasurer Forkah Hassan Russel, Organising Secretary Tahid Miah Koyes, Vice-President Moin Uddin, Abdur Rouf, Anwar Miah, Khalil Miah, Shahedur Rahman, Advisor Sadique Miah Enam, Mostofa Jaman, Abdul Momin Jawad, Co General Secretary Nur Alam Uzzal, Abdullah-Al-Amin, Co Organising Secretary Saleh Ahmod, Religious Affairs Secretary Shafique Uddin, Education Secretray Emani Ahmed and Co-Treasurer Rafiqul Islam Shueb.
Invited guests who attended the ceremony were Community Leader Haji Rafique Miah, Milik Chowdhury and Shah Moktadir Mokta.
The newly elected committee and other members agreed to organise an Islamic Jolsha in Broadfield Community Centre in Cawly on 4th of May.
The meeting was started by reciting from Quran and ended with budget discussion of the organisation for next year.