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Parents and carers can play a very important role to save the young people from drugs, says speakers in anti-drug symposium

42The speakers in an anti-drug symposium “Drugs and Anti-social Activates: The role of Community Leaders”, has said that, one part of our British Bangladeshi younger generation are badly affected by the use of drugs.  The time when they should be studying and aim for higher university degrees and qualifications, these youth are pushing themselves to darker side of life by abusing drugs.  We need to find out the reason for this and rescue them form this horrendous situation of life.   Parents and carers are so busy with their work and business these days that they cannot spend good time with their children.  The children then start to live a life where there is no control.  As a result, some of them are falling into the darker side of abusing drugs and unsocial activities.  Parents should be more careful and alert about the activities of children so that they cannot step into wrong paths.
The symposium was organised by London Citizens Foundation (LCF) and was presided over by the Chairman of LCF Accountant Abul Hayat Nuruzzaman.   Writer and Columnist Barrister Najir Ahmed delivered the main speech to the audience.
Guests who took part in the discussion included Chairman of Council of Mosque Hafeez Maolana Shamsul Haque; GP Dr Alauddin; eye Consultant Dr Mahmudur Rahman Manna; Community Communications Manager of SHS Khasruzzaman; Cllr. Shah Alam; Cllr. Ayesha Chowdhury; Surrey Region Secretary of BCA Md. Nasir Uddin; Editor of Nari Maazine Shahnaz Sultana, Community Activist and TV Presenter Sayeeda Chowdhury; Chairman of London Training Centre Abdul Haque Habib; Manager of East and Training Centre Abdul Haque Chowdhury; Secretary of Bangladeshi Teachers Association Sirajul Basit Chowdhury; President of Collective of Bangladeshi School Governors Shahanoor Khan; Editor of Monthly Darpan Rahmat Ali Khan, Community Leader Syed Jaman Naser; Community Leader Md Khoaj Ali Khan, Poet Iqbal Hossain Bulbul and Senior Lawyer of Bangladesh High Court Advocate Nasreen Akhtar.
Journalist Tysir Mahmood conducted the lively discussion where speakers presented the reasons for younger generations to go in astray and slowly surrendering to the darker part of life.  Some of the reasons mentioned in the meeting were overcrowding , socialising with drug addicted friends and peers, easy availability of drugs, the distance in relationship with parents, involving in gang culture and others.
On his main speech Barrister Nazir Ahmed emphasised on some steps which could protect the children from getting into drugs and astray. When explaining, he mentioned that in most cases parents are unmindful at their children’s activities and whereabouts.  When children goes on astray or fell victim to drug abuse, only then parents become more concerned.  However, it is too late then.
He called on all parents and carers to be more concerned and vigilant on their children’s activities and whereabouts and take every necessary step to protect them.