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Party like a pro

53Dhaka may have a lack of establishments where one can go and drown their sorrows in endless goblets of wine or celebrate a new journey with a few rounds. However, there is one thing that our culture sure doesn’t have any shortage of. Parties! There’s a Facebook invitation to the next hot, new event awaiting us almost every time we log in. But did you know that there are certain party don’ts? You may have never put too much thought into it, but here’s how to avoid being a party pooper.
Mean girls
You know who you are. You sit in a circle and talk smack about all the other ladies there. What’s even worse is the fact that you all get quiet when one of the women who you targeted walks by and carry on as soon as she’s at a safe distance again. This is just not how it’s done. You’re not in high school. Grow up already and try to mingle with a few people outside of your cliquey group. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make a connection with someone who’s personality is way up your alley, and has more to contribute to a conversation than cheap gossip.
The creeper
Ah, the d-bag that somehow gets invited to every party. You creep up on every hot lady at the scene, get rejected and move on to the next, just to get yet another dirty look cast your way. Your lines suck so bad, it’s no wonder no one would ever be caught dead on your arm. Worse still, after getting rejected, you get defensive and talk crap about your victim. By the end of the night, everyone’s talking about what a lech you are. It’s time to take a long hard look at yourself, sir. Tone down the creepy qualities, and you may even have a date for the next shindig.
The lush
You don’t know how to hold your liquor and get labelled “a hot mess.” Now, this can sometimes happen and has happened to the best of us. It’s all good fun till you start dancing on your host’s imported table, break a few Ming vases and then curl up in a corner bawling, looking for someone to share your sad stories with. If you must hit the hooch, do so responsibly. Follow each cocktail with a glass of water. Don’t drink on an empty stomach. And please don’t mix your liquors.