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Restoring trust in tower hamlets top priority for John Biggs  

4Bangla Mirror Desk:

John Biggs, Labour’s candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets, joined his three deputy Mayoral running mates on 22 May at a roundtable in Bethnal Green.

At the meeting, John and his team answered questions and set out key priorities for the borough if elected on 11 June. As well as restoring the reputation of Tower Hamlets, Biggs pledges he would focus on building homes and improving housing for local people, cleaning up the streets, investing in education and youth services and supporting the economy and employment opportunities.

The team’s full policy manifesto and commitments will be set out at a launch next week.

 Labour candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs:

“Restoring trust in Tower Hamlets Council is crucial to move our borough forward. If elected I would focus on being accountable to the people of Tower Hamlets as I work hard with my experienced team to improve housing for local people, clean up our streets and ensure young people in the borough benefit from all the jobs and education opportunities Tower Hamlets has to offer.”

About the moving of Town Hall, John Biggs said that this is a good step.  However, he is still not sure where the funding of new development will come from.

He also said his team will continue with the graveyard project however he mentioned that he will scrap Easten Life newspaper which publishes weekly.

When he was asked about the free supply of community newspapers in front of mosques in East London during Friday prayer time, he openly said that he does not have any power to take any decision on this.  However, if mosque committee raise any complain or health and safety issue, the department responsible for will look into it.

He also said that if elected he will meet with the community representatives and residents before taking any decision on issues and give priority to their thoughts.

About receiving council grants, John Biggs emphasised that organisations and groups, which deserves to receive grants will receive grants. The committee which is responsible for allocate grants will distribute it according to the merit and needs of organisation and groups.

Earlier this week John Biggs announced his three deputy Mayoral running mates as:

  • Cllr Rachael Saunders (current Leader of the Labour Group),
  • Cllr Shiria Khatun (current Deputy Leader of the Labour Group) and
  • Cllr Sirajul Islam (former Leader of the Labour Group and chair of the influential Strategic Development Committee).

The team provides experience and diversity of background to ensure the voices of all Tower Hamlets residents are heard.

 Cllr Rachel Saunders said that‘I’m proud to be working alongside John Biggs as we continue to outline our better plan for the future of Tower Hamlets. This election is about restoring people’s hope and trust in our council once again. I know as a strong united team, we can deliver for people all across the borough – whether improving the state of our housing, cleaning up our streets or ensuring all our young people benefit from the opportunities our borough can provide.’

Cllr Sirajul Islam said that he and his team members are the permanent members of this committee and always wish the best for this community.   If John Biggs is elected, Tower Hamlets will be administered by a team and a member of Banlgadeshi community he will contribute to it.