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Shaban 8th Lunar Calendar Arabic Month

By Fatema Miah <>

This is Shaban 8th Lunar Calendar Arabic Month; the month before Ramadan. Month of Shaban is the gateway month to Ramadan. Ramadan when Muslims do fast for a month from daybreak to sunset. Informative factors for Muslims and non-Muslims; Shaban is an important month before Ramadan; Muslims usually will be busy with preparations for the month of Ramadan when Muslims will be fasting all day, breaking fast at the sunset and further will be doing extra prayers in the evening accompanied by fasting as an important part of Ramadan deeds. In this month of Shaban, it is forbidden to be engaged in unpleasant activities such as; war, violent reaction and harbouring enmity. Last year in the month of Ramadan, there was an ongoing exchange of violent attacks in Middle East between Israelis and Hamas. Further Terrorists’ attacks were another regular issues in Middle East killing people including women and children.   Terrorists are non-Muslims because they do not follow the Islamic customs rather go out causing damages and suffering during this month and other forbidden months.
Other than Middle East, there were violent Terrorism in other countries too. For example of Asia and Africa. Terrorism causing disturbances in communities, damaging homes, injuring and killing people every day. In this month of Shaban, there are ongoing terrorism reported around the world. This kind of sad and disturbing news causes distress to thoughtful normal caring people.
ISIL Middle Eastern Terrorists group violently attacking and destroying old structures, terrorising and killing people there in Middle East in the name of Islam. In this month of Shaban, Muslims should be doing charity: to feed the poor and needy to boost their nutrition before the month of Ramadan to help them get ready to keep fast in the month of Ramadan; Money should be given to poor and needy to help them to buy and keep essential ingredients for their families, to be ready for Ramadan.  In this month of Shaban before Ramadan; we Muslims pre-plan the Ramadan gifts of Food Token for relatives and friends while we make plan ahead for our-selves and the families.
In this month of Shaban, the month before Ramadan, the Ramadan night-time congregational prayers (Salatul Tarawee) that is obligatory for Muslims (along the mandatory fasting during the day,) is planned; for example, imam (person Leads prayers) and the venue (if required) time-table, and care-taking people who will take responsibilities on rota, etc., are need be confirmed and finalised. Further to all these practical necessary activities of arrangement, there are also more spiritual recommended deeds Muslims should be busy in participations, for examples, some voluntary extra fasting recommended is good for people as practise before a whole months of fasting Ramadan.
Furthermore, there are extra recommended prayers which is not obligatory neither mandatory thus are meditational for us Muslims, physically to get our system ready for Ramadan, spiritually this month’s extra deeds helps us to be geared up for Ramadan activities and Overall, Practically this month of Shaban; the gateway to Ramadan month is the awareness or alarm month for our preparations for Ramadan.
Very sadly, Muslims are grouping and causing segregations within themselves in the name of (madhabs) certain schools of teaching or by following the philosophy of teachers or earlier/ middle era schoolers. However, grouping and segregations within Muslims is forbidden by Allah and the Prophet peace be upon him and neither was recommended or intended by those scholars whose teaching they understand or claim to be following.  Practically, in nine out of ten times, all different madhabi schools of followers groups are doing right, following correct messages and practising the same practices in different order or with different technic or under different term.  It is matter of knowledge and lacking in comprehensions supposedly together with added personal preferences of tradition leads to cause of insynchronisation.
In regards to Importance of Shaban, as it is mentioned above that is practically the preparational month before Ramadan therefore Shaban is an Important month which is marked as countdown to Ramadan. Further, Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him has mentioned the importance of this month of shaban and that is mentioned in Hadith al-Hasn, not in Bukhari or Muslim, the 3rd/4th book of guidance, that was noted from the statements of Aisha peace be upon her. Instead of to be dismissive towards Muslims whom giving importance to month of Shaban on the basis of 3rd/4th book of hadith not the major 1st few popular noted hadith books, all schools followers Muslims should be respective and appreciative of people performing extra deeds of prayers and voluntary fasting in this month of Shaban for many reasons.
Reasons why the shaban months extra (ibadah) deeds doers should be respected; number one because they are engaging in spiritualism; remembering and worshiping Allah the creator, paying respect to Prophet and his admirers and doing good deeds of sharing foods, greeting and meeting with others in a friendly and social manners, not encouraging anger and enmity in the society. Number two, we are in the time of modern era and believers of society of moderation in the respective western world of diversity, and finally because as long as they are not shaming Islam by unti-islamic acts of cruelty, immorality or terrorism.


Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK   fatemamiah@mail.com