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Justice Today

By Mohammed Khaled Noor :


Justice today is not just at all…….

<> Alas, injustices spreading like bush fire to destroy the moral fabric of this human civilization.
Shame! Do we need a new world order to save the dignity of human beings …., the plague of injustice, war, death and destructions across our lands?

Justice means moral rectitude, fairness and placing things in its rightful place.
Justice is a force; justice is hope – brings us light from the darkness of nights.
Justice means equality, it can only be achieved through inequality by the due process of law.

Justice means balance … the equality and retribution of guilt
Justice is to establish peace, uphold the human dignity by inflicting punishment for an unjust act.
Justice means self-respect, taking responsibility and feeling the pain of common humanity.

Justice is not the millions of starving people who go to sleep without food or drink….while others spend millions of pounds on luxury cars and fancy toys.

Justice does not mean equal distribution of wealth nor does it mean some will set sail to sea for fun in their luxury yachts … while thousands of unfortunate migrant is stranded  and left to die in the middle of the sea! Their desperate cries for safe landing to the shore break the silence of the sea mammals – yet it fails to touch any man!

Justice is to establish peace whereby man lives side by side irrespective of race, colour or language.  Justice deserves fairness whereby we all have a dwell to live with hope and dignity.  Justice is a means to remove injustice and obstacles of peace, so that humanity can thrive!

Justice is not to push back hungry innocent men, women and children fleeing from persecution or to allow them to die on the open sea.  Justice is to save a life and to not let them die in vain.
God – are you NOT the creator of all human beings! Why is there so much inequality within humanity?

Justice does not mean beheading a fellow man…..
Justice does not mean spreading the poison of hatred in the name of Islam – a religion of peace!
How could it be justified to create terror in the name of Shari`ah?

Shari`ah is not solely synonymous with the chopping off of the hands of thieves; life for life for murder, flogging or stoning to death.  Shari`ah is to preserve life, intellect, religion, progeny and wealth.
How can you claim to be superior in the sight of God when your fellow human beings are fleeing for safety because of your cruelty!

Justice in Islam is a superior virtue – driving force to establishing peace and equality.
Justice is not an end but a means to establishing peace and harmony within the community.
Justice is not just inflicting punishment but forgiveness.

Justice is neither destroying a nation in the name of democracy; nor is it just to kill thousands of innocent people to establish a so-called peace.  It is neither justice nor does it bring peace by indiscriminate killing of defenceless people, death and destructions in the name of self-defence.

How could it be just pronouncing a judgement on the basis of fabricated evidence? Justice is to find your own faults before judging others. Truth is beauty so the crystal clear moon.  Delivering justice is not just to find truth but derive light from the darkness or shadow of clouds.

Let the human conscious raise ONCE AGAIN today – wipe away the outbreak of injustice and tyranny
Let justice shine the humanity……Let justice bring hope and establish equality……..
Let justice remove the dark clouds of injustice, ignorance and false pride!

Let us make a PLEDGE TODAY………
Let us WORK to establish justice and integrity within man – bring back the glory of humanity and a better world for us all.


*Mohammed Khaled Noor is a Barrister (N/P) and Solicitor. He is an active community worker, human rights activist and campaigner. He is the founder and chairperson of Muslim Professionals Forum (MPF) UK – an independent and non-profit organisation for professionals. Khaled is one of the steering committee members of Movement Against Xenophobia (MAX) – a national coalition of more than 100 organisations including major trade unions.