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Moushumi Hamid acts in Dhakaiya language

13Lux superstar Moushumi Hamid will talk in Dhakaiya language (traditional language utters by the residents of old part of Dhaka). She will be seen on the screen to talk in Dhakaiya language in a special play titled Love Khoti Soman Soman, which has been made on the occasion of coming Eid-ul-Fitr.Directed by Jamal Mollick story of the play written by Fahmid Abir. Already shooting of the play was taken place in different locations in old part of Dhaka. Moushumi Hamid acted in role of Liza in the play. While talking about her performance in the play Moushumi Hamid told this correspondent, “In old Dhaka, I have a friend named Jishan by whom I have learnt Dhakaiya language. Basically without his cooperation I couldn’t learn Dhakaiya language and couldn’t act in this play. Story of the play is nice. Sajal acted against her in the play. I believe viewers will enjoy watching the play. It will be aired in any satellite channel during Eid festival.”Earlier under Sharaf Ahmed Jibon’s direction Moushumi Hamid acted another play where she had to talk in Dhakaiya language. By this play it will be her second time experience.It may be mentioned that on August 7 Moushumi’s acted and Safi Uddin Safi directed movie Black Money and on August 14 Ananno Mamun directed another movie Blackmail are scheduled to be released. Now she is taking part in shooting of Firoz Khan Prince directed movie Shodh Protishodh. Anisur Rahman Milon and Symon Sadik acted against her in these two movies, Moushumi mentioned.Now Moushumi acted and Afsana Mimi directed daily soap Shatti Tarar Timir is being aired on ATN Bangla. Therefore, Moushumi is acting in a drama serial titled Jokhon Kokhono under the direction of Rahmatullah Tuhin. The serial is being produced by Richi Solaiman, which will be aired in any satellite channel soon, Moushumi said.