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Neha Dhupia ‘didn’t intend’ to criticise PM Modi’s ‘Good Governance’

12Neha Dhupia seems to be taking her words back after coming under fire for criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s save girl and yoga initiatives as she said that she had no intention to demean or personally attack anyone.
The ‘Julie’ actress recently tweeted explaining that she just got annoyed about the government’s inability to handle traffic situations during monsoons in Mumbai and that’s why she criticised its ‘Selfie With Daughter’ initiative and ‘International Yoga Day’ celebrations.
The 34-year-old Bollywood actress, who was trolled massively over social websites after her comment on Modi’s ‘ Good Governance’, added that she chose to ignore the people who abused her, but while handling that aggression police helped her a lot in protecting her from protesters and requested them to see her words, which were about a subject and not a person.
Neha also clarified that she has always “wholeheartedly and consistently” supported the government’s movements like Yoga Day and Swachh Bharat and will continue to do so. (ANI)