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BHRC speakers demand highest punishment in speedy trial tribunal for Rajon killers

37Speakers at a protest meeting organised by Bangladesh Human Right Commission Jalalabad branch demanded the highest punishment for child Samiul Alam Rajon in speedy trial tribunal.  The speakers also mentioned that we all need to raise social awareness on child rights in Bangladesh so that there are no more child killings of torture like Rajon.  They also mentioned that a majority of children in Bangladesh are suffering from torture, beating, child labour and other brutal activities and needs to be stopped fully.
The protest meeting was held in White House Venue in East London on 30th July.  The meeting was presided over by the President of Human Right Commission Jalalabad branch Hiron Miah, Secretary of Greater Lamakazi Association UK Abdus Salam conducted it.
President of Human Right Commission Sylhet District Babu R K Dhor was present as the chief guest and special guests at the meeting were Human Right Commission European Co-ordinator Shohidur Rahman, Secretary of Human Rights Commission UK branch Taraul Islam, Newham Council councillor Rahima Rahman, Human Rights activist Matiar Chowdhury, Secretary of British Bangladesh Caterers Association Shahnur Khan, Joint Secretary of Human Right Commission Greater Sylhet branch Mijanur Rahman.
Speakers at the meeting praised the activities of Foreign and Prime Ministers of Bangladesh and demanded the highest punishment of Rajon killers so that the world can witness that law and order is prime in Bangladesh.
Other speakers at the meeting included Cllr Oliur Rahman of Tower Hamlets Council, BCA leader Ashraf Uddin, community leader Alhaj Ustar Ali, Writer Syed Mobnu, Abdul Halim Chowdhury, Faruq Mahfuz of Shonali Otit, BFA Secretary Aroj Ali, Ashiqur Rahman of Probashi Jalalabad Kalyan Parishad, Magician Manikur Rahman Goni and others.
Mowlana Habibur Rahman recited form the Quarn at the beginning of the event.