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Portsmouth Awami League organises its Eid-reunion

49Uk Awami League Portsmouth branch organised its Eid-reunion in a local Community centre on 4th of October.  Orgnisation’s President Asab  Ali presided over the reunion and Abul Haque and Mirza Tasnu Beg jointly conducted it.
The event took part in two parts.  The first part consisted of discussion meeting where Badruzzaman, Somuj Ali, Abidur Rahman Chowdhury, Syed Aminul Haque, Cllr Yeahia Chowdhury, Rumel Khan, Khoirul Hossainl, A K M Tareq, Delwar Hossain Beg, Mirza Awlad Beg, Tarmuj Ali Sardar, Muhit Miha, Selim Sardar, Fazlu Miha and others took part.
The speakers told that these types of events help to create cohesion and unity in the Bengali community living in the UK.  The speakers also said that Bangladesh has advanced a lot internationally and if the non-resident Bangladeshis can help Bangladesh more, there is  no doubt that Bangladesh will soon become a developed country.
The second part featured a vibrant cultural event where Baul Shohid, Shefali, Shotabdi and others took part.