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MP Sadiq Khan and Dr Rupa Haq join GBnews

6Ansar Ahmed Ullah ::

British MP Sadiq Khan and Dr Rupa Huq have joined London based popular online daily Great Britain News ( as patrons. This was announced recently by GBnews’s chairman & Editor in Chief Rakib Ruhel. He said, ‘GBnews is dedicated to serve the community with a team of journalist, with the support of our patrons, from here in the UK and Bangladesh.

Sadiq Khan who has been the Member of Parliament for Tooting since 2005, from the Labour Party is now standing as the party’s candidate to be Mayor of London in the 2016 mayoral election.
Born in London to a working-class British Pakistani family, Sadiq Khan was appointed Minister of State for Communities in 2008becoming the second British Pakistani to serve in government. He joined the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Lord Chancellor in 2010. On 11 May 2015 he resigned from the shadow cabinet.
Sadiq Khan’s vision for London is for all Londoners to have the same opportunities, a home they can afford, a high-skilled job with decent pay, an affordable and modern transport system and a safe, clean and healthy environment.

Rupa Huq who comes from Ealing was born at Queen Charlotte’s in Hammersmith in 1972, and grew up on Lynwood Road. Her parents came from Bangladesh in the 1960s.
In 1991 Rupa Huq began her studies into Social and Political Sciences and Law at Cambridge University. She joined the Labour Party as a college co-ordinator, working on a successful campaign to win Cambridge for Labour in 1992.

After Cambridge she earned her doctorate from the University of East London. She researched youth culture, and how young people use pop music to express themselves, especially those living in the suburbs.

Her family and she still lives in Ealing caring for her elderly mother, with support from local NHS and social care services.