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Community leaders urge Boishakhi Mela to be held in Brick Lane


Bangla Town Business Association leaders and the residents of Brick lane demanded the Boishakhi Mela to be held in Bangla Town. The articulated their demand in a press conference held on 9th April in a local restaurant.

The business leaders urged the council not to change their decision. The said Boishakhi Mela is part of Bengali culture and heritage. They emphasised that Brick Lane is the centre point of Bengali culture in customs in the UK.   Altab Ali Park is also situated here and Boishakhi Mela also originated in this area. All these circumstances add up the reason for the Mela to be held here.

The leaders also mentioned that if the Mela is moved to Victoria Park or in other location, the Mela would lost its appeal and appearance. It would that turn into a general fun fair which is not acceptable to the Bengali community at all. They also emphasise that the Mela would promote the local business and the Bengali identity to a wide range of audience. May be they would lose business for one day, but the Mela would in turn bring business whole year round.

The leaders also condemned relating Boishakhi Mela with the religion. Council has clearly indicated that they would not allocate any stall closer to the mosque. Mosque Committee also confirmed that they have no objection for the Mela to be held here.

Leaders who attended the press conference included prominent businessman Ajmal Hossain, owner of Gram Bangla Abdus Shahid, local residents Amir Hossain, Yusuf Kamali, Fajlu Miah, Altafur Rahman Mujahid and others.