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Human Relief exhibition game raises staggering 3k for charity

10Emdad Rahman :

Charity was the winner as the Human Relief Foundation hosted a charity exhibition game at Mile end to raise money for important humanitarian causes.

The HRF Blue Brawlers Boxing and Yellow teams took to the field to support the construction of water wells and cataract operations to help the most vulnerable people in some of the world’s poorest locations.

The game was played in glorious London weather by a host of veteran and young footballers, and a very entertaining spectacle saw the spoils shared as both teams hammered in 7 goals apiece.

As a testimony to the charitable nature of the game, a penalty shootout to settle an overall winner was declined, as the players agreed to share the glory. Captains Akik Miah and Emdad Rahman lifted the trophy in a joint post match ceremony.

Blue team player manager Jalal Uddin said: “Congratulations to both teams on providing such a great spectacle. We played in unity and it is fantastic we have raised awareness for such needy causes.”

Yellow team manager Khoyrul Shaheed added: “I would like to thank all our donors for the amazing support. Additional thanks to our local coaches Shah Rahman from Limehouse Marina Elite club, Abdul Hannan from Brawlers and also Abdul Hannan from Hunter & Bloomfield Property Services for their support and presence today.”

Veteran Zoinul Abidin, who scored a crucial goal in the second half said: “It has been special playing alongside everyone today. Well done to all our players on such a magnanimous team effort and the impact of our game today will inspire many others to do the same.”

Match official Alan Hill added: “It’s been a really enjoyable game to referee. The spirit was tremendous and it’s great that we have all done our bit to help our fellow humans. Football is a game that has the ability to make such a huge impact as we have witnessed. Congratulations, everyone’s a winner today.”

The Human Relief Foundation is a charity which provides emergency relief and assistance to people caught up in extraordinary, life-threatening situations.


Lokuj Jaman (2), Zoinul Abidin, Mamun Rashid (2), Akik Miah (1), Afazul Hoque (2), Shakil Rahman (2, 1 OG), Emdad Rahman (2), Talha Rahman, Mirza Baig Shipu.


Jalal Uddin – Player manager

Khoyrul Shaheed – Player manager

Zoinul Abidin

Akoddus Taju Ali

Rongu Miah

Mamun Rashid

Hamid Yusuf

Mohsin Ahmed

Riad Shaheed

Dawud Abdullah Shaheed

Mirza Baig Shipu

Lokuj Jaman

Ridwan Rashid

Mohammed Shipu Miah

Abdal Ahmed

Abdul Munim

Talha Rahman

Shakil Rahman

Afazul Hoque

Akik Miah