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We all are Hobiganji: Motasirul Islam

hAWe all have an unified aim and goal, it is not important which party we belong to or which ideology we bear in mind, our main identity is we are Hobiganji. Prominent politician and President of Habiganj Chamber and Commerce and Industry Motasirul Islam told this in a pre-iftar meeting organised by Habiganj Youth Association UK. The Iftar Mahfil and discussion took place at a restaurant in East London on 28th June which he was attending as the chief guest.

President of Habiganj Youth Association and former student leader Nur Uddin Chowdhury presided over the meeting and General Secretary Shamsul Islam Manju conducted it. Guests who attended the meeting and addressed the audience included President of Habiganj Association UK Mahmud A Rouf, Journalist-Researcher Matiar Chowdhury, former Mayor of Camden Council Faruque Ansari, Professor Jahirul Haque Shakil, Dr Mohammod Nurul Alam, Salauddin Tahir, Engineer Babu Sushanto Das Gupta.

Other speakers at the event were Cllr Jakaria Chowdhury, Jalal Uddin Jalal, Baki Billah, Ajit Lal Dash, Syed Mostaque Ahmed, Barrister Kibria, Golam Kibria, Lincoln Bacchu and others.

The President of the organisation Nur Uddin Chowdhury Bulbul said its been three years now where a few young men started the journey of this organisation. There are now more than three hundred active member now. He also emphasised that in future the organisation aims to establish its branch in each and every town in the UK.