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Co2 and Trees -Climate  and Bangladesh.

Fatema Miah:

Co2 caused from burning trees and trees are in extinction. Where one of the main concerns in climate change about co2 Carbon dioxide emission is lessening of its phosentesis natural process to  produce oxygen for our earthy living beings, and  here I am talking  about the trees.

The main and largest photosynthesis capacitation after corals is the large woody trees and they are most dying out and some already in extinction. Lets point out Bangladesh,  throughout Pakistan era and since independent the trees issues not been given attention to and obviously not been taken care of as such. In poverty, the people, land owners with trees have been cutting off trees, using and selling for non durable furniture and burning trees for cooking.

China and India are the biggest threat to climate for smokes from burning woods, and China still using coal for running nuclear energy.  In most part of India and China people using woods for cooking, alongside other Asian countries. Where, in Asian countries including China there is Bamboo as an option that is a fastest growing, quickest  reproductive alternative item for most utensil and house ware useable items also bamboo works to photosynthesise to reduce Carbon dioxide.

While western countries are aiming for cutting the emission and planned to remodeling the automobile vehicle engines to new refined environmentally friendly fuels, also they must imply the plan with urgency  to further to look into for a solution how to tackle the Asian trees using matter.  A plan must be drawn; taking into consideration of cooking methods option and house ware needs. Building Houses is another reason the trees gets cut off to create living spaces.

The climate scientists team already looked into and talked about Bangladesh. The villagers in Bangladesh do cook with woods and adding to co2 carbon emission up in the air. My suggestion to tackle this issue, to work with the government of the country to engage in and draw an agreement the government to take firm action with a plan to protect the trees. To do so, 1. a plan to have TPO order to be in placed. 2.  Better management of gas.

The Tree Preservation Order (TPO)  suggestion might be not seem as an easy task, though it is not as hard as it seems. There a good governance needs to be in place. Finance needs to rearranged and responsible people must be put forward. Yes, the citizens and officers needs to take responsibilities with honest care and love for country and earth. A strict law needs to be in placed. More jobs will be created and country’s assets and citizens health will be improved by such action. Education and awareness is needed.

For the cooking solution: The natural gas in Bangladesh supplied to houses in some towns only and there is no metering system for gas. The gas in houses are mainly used for cooking only,  per there is no central healing system there. How the gas can be better managed is as such; to put meter system  in place and gas should be made available in cylinders to be supplied to every villages at an affordable price. The cost to put the system in place should be contributory from the government of the country and  with a climate  subsidy from the ecology price we talked about before that our policy makers have thought about.

With such plan there will be plenty of materials left over; tree brunches, bamboo and stocks/sticks can be used as water barrier to guard against flooding water.  This should improve the abnormal raining pattern causing unexpected flood and effecting  the moon season by making it longer and heavier than expected. Undoubtedly this  will improve citizens life, will make life better with less struggle, more organised and psychologically relaxing.

The ancient trees in Bangladesh been destroyed due to lacking in adequate knowledge.  Kodom, Kishnochora, polash, Latim and many more woody  trees produced seasonal nutrients to purify the air are almost vanished.  Since more than a century ago, nature care and knowledge vanished from Bangladesh with Pandits.  As well as not been taken care also the environment been destroyed like if the presence of nature was undesired. It was like the nature was old out dated, in some places hated trees like religious hatred. Some trees  been abused by Hindu rituals  and later on some trees been chopped off because Hindu rituals were performed on them.

Trees nurture the soil, produce oxygen, prevent land corrosion and works as flood barriers. Most medicinal plants and herbs completely disappeared due to lack of knowledge and neglegency. Nowadays, when the Bangladeshi citizens are awaken, more eager for education,  praising the importance of nature, made aware of the deteriorating environment, with proper education it is possible to retrieve the nature by coming up with  a feasible solution to protect the environment, improve human lives and prevent further damages.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com