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Election Schedule: Basically, all matters are run by Scripts.



By Shah Alam Faruk:

People in power are proceeding as it was predicted! In the middile, in the name of dialogue, one and a half drama was staged.In national dialogue, which is an important matter, food items came in front, who is intaking what food, food was brought from where etc. Publication of the supplied food items, became the hot news item of the day. What is the purpose of national dialogue, Juktafront’s 7 point demands news, should have given priority news, as per Constitution and also by Government Version, whether 7 point Demands are acceptable to

Government, supposed to get importance. In the second stage, jokes became the many discussion matter of media.

In Bangladesh, those who are beneficiaries of power, by the name of Constitution, the mentioned people wanted to secure their power. Fundamental Rights like, Food, Clothes, Shelter, or security of life, thoughts, speech, freedom of expression, right to Congregation etc. are neglected by Government without any efforts from their side, is just like giving Sermons of Bible without any base at the time of election. For the purpose of free, fair, transparent election Juktafront under the leadership of Dr. Kamal, who in a delegation, twice sat with the Government, the ball, which was in Government’s Court, have had a clear perception, what the outcome will be.

In the first dialogue, food become the top priority news item. In the second dialogue, jokes became the prime focus of the dialogue. Discussion of Election became the low priority in the dialogue, which we all have observed it. Many of us now are familiar how the electronic and print media has been controlled, how reknowned journalist, Mr. Shahidul Alam has been made captive by Government in the name of freedom of expression.

Before the Independence, the Reign of Ayub and after the

Independence, people has also observed the Reign Zia and Ershad. In the name of Emergency, Special Powers Act, Public Security Act, Section 54 and creating RAB with the name of terrorism, the So called fake story of Cross-fire, death by heart attack in the time of joint forces operation, the people have seen! But, in the last ten years, in the name of citizen’s rights, people has observed horrible matters in the Country. In the name of development, human rights has been given back seat.

Those who are staunch opponent of crossfire, have become later, chief patron of abduction. Suddenly, abduction become synonym in the Country. Political activist, students, journalists, businessmen……none could escaped from abduction in the last  ten years. Few has returned, some came as a dead body and many of us are traceless till now.

Mr. Shahidul Alam has initiated nothing about the students road protests which is marked by Government.  None has the freedom of posting ‘like’ and be interviewed by Aljazeera English news channel. Actress, Nowshaba, sentimentally, has posted like in facebook, and their torture in the Remand will be never known to people how cruel Government imposed tactics in the name of ‘Remand.’ Tagged Government writer Dr. Zafor Iqbal has told that, there could be a debate of the captivitiy of journalist, Mr. Shahidul Alam, many Noble Lauriates come forward for the support of Mr. Shahidul Alam, but, alas, none can escape the wrat of Government who is against the administration.

By suppressing people’s rights, quota rights activists, Government has now have terrorize people in the name of maintaining law and order,

none case escape from it. Latest, phenomenon is unknowned case file by police, people who are in abroad, similar case is also filed against them, even death people can’t escape from it. Another phenomenon is unknowned rape case filed by police against dissidents. This has now become the laughing stock of the Country.

Government Ministers and MPs are enjoying immense possibilities of election campaign but this is not evident in the name of opposition political parties. They are subdued by fake cases,  harassed by Anti-Corruption Commission etc. Begum Zia, Barrister Moinul Hossain, Dr. Zaforullah of Gonoshastokendra are here are few to be mentioned harassed by Government.

Without coming into conclusion, Chief Election Commissioner has unilaterally, declared Election Date on 23 December, 2018 without consulting with rest of the other political parties. This has become one sided. Recently, EVM use in Delhi University Election has becomeconcern of all which has occurred problem. Wire tapping of different political party leaders in Bangladesh has also become the prime concern for ruling party which is done by them. The time I am writing this article, some block raids are happening are different parts of the Country by police which is a concerned to all in the name of controlling dissidents.

– Shah Alam Faruk

Lawyer and human rights activist

Former Senior Investigation Officer

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)