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Is Landing On Planet Laylatul Qadr A Mission Possible?

By Shofi Ahmed:
Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Power, Night of Measures is the most sought after night in the Islamic calendar. We all want to dip in it due to its colossal virtues. As we know it’s a matter of searching. In one of the five odds of the last ten nights of the Ramadan. The search has been continued since it’s introduction over fourteen hundred ago. With a dash of curiosity a question can be can we not be precise even in this digital age?
Besides if we look at the clue that Allah SWT has given us we can see digits in it. It’s a mercy of Allah SWT that when He points us to a fore burner at a premium level He gives us a clue. Describes the cheer magnitudes of the subject matter. In the case of Laylatul Qadr we see great numbers. He says is better than a thousand months.

So there is a digit for our maths. We have given a number code, the component which streamlines the digital advancement. The digit is in the core of our scientific advancement. When a technically configured man-made space probe is sent in space from its configuration to operations all done with digits. This is inlined with the theory that the language of science is mathematics.

Nonetheless, our spacecraft are roaming in space and that’s pretty impressive for mankind. Flying off from a one small blue planet earth our space-birds are orbiting far above Neptune, Pluto, Venus and tons more. The question is can we add one more to this range of amazing space probes that can land on Planet Laylatul Qadr? Is landing on this yet unfound time and space that spans from the evening to the dawn of a day a mission possible?
Let’s look at both sides of the paradox. Now at one side, we have the contemporary digital aspiration. We are now more than ever before scientifically capable of discovering great physical entities that exist on the land and in space. Laylatul Qadr is such an entity described in the Holy Qur’an that exists in time and space.

But it’s an unknown x that occurs in any one of a given five odds of the ten grids in a 10-night time frame. To find the value of the x we need to assign as much more variables to it that’s are potentially divisible with the values in the 10-night time frame. On the other hand, the Muslim era has seen great scientists in the past. That’s long before us. In fact, the advancement made by contemporary science can historically source its root into the golden Muslim science era. Therefore, the question can be why the giant Muslim scientists like Muḥammad ibn Mūsā Al-Khwārizmī didn’t discover the Night of Value.

Notably Al-Khwārizmī’s name gave rise to the terms algorism and algorithm. His name is also the origin of (Spanish) guarismo and of (Portuguese) algarismo, both meaning digit. So we see how the modern digital uprisings source it’s root back towards the Muslim inventions.

They haven’t because they have studied the fine prints. And have seen it’s a science far greater. We often hear sermons that the Layltul Qadr’s virtues are equal to a thousand nights. The truth is ‘Khayrum min alfis shahr’ it’s greater than a thousand months.

Look at the number code Allah SWT has given as a description of this night of colossal values. There is no equation there. It’s a greater sign there. By doing that Allah SWT has already given us sign in the first place. That’s while there are digits but it’s math not doable. Because math is not equitable. We can not compute it staying in the loop and raise a space probe hover over it.

The value it possesses goes onto increase to transcended level. That’s what the classic Muslim scholars have identified it to be a transcended time and space. The theory adheres with the Qur’an. Let me explain.

It’s like a mathematical constant such as pi and the golden ratio. Where we know the value of pi is 3.1415 but then it goes on to increase to transcended level. For instance, 3.1415 value is short.  Finding the longer versions of pi is a long-standing pastime among mathematicians. According to BBC  the record for finding consecutive numbers, from 3.14 onward is held by Fabrice Bellard, who revealed that he had calculated pi to 2.7 trillion digits.

Similarly, the value of Laylatul Qadr, in short, is 1000… one thousand plus. Off this constant number, it goes on increasing to transcended level.

There are more reasons for Laylatul Qadr to be transcended. One is that the Qur’an was sent on this night. That is derived from the Preserved Tablet which is in a transcended location.
Ibn Katheer (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “’in al-Lawh al-Mahfooz (the Preserved Tablet)’ means, It is among the higher group (i.e., angels), preserved and protected from anything being added or taken away, or any alteration or changes.”