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The Night of Power, Quran recitation and Eid ul Fitr

Fatema Miah:

A month has just gone passed as super fast truck, quickly,  it’s the final last third part of the Ramadan now already. A lunar month, the best time of entire year, has gone passed and it coming up to Eid celebration in the first week of June 2019.
I have seen many changes; of environment and situation, time as seasonal changes,  and changes in communities about Ramadan performance and fasting remained the same from dawn to dusk as should be. There the same Prayers performed and Quran recitations in private,  in competition remained as same as I always remembered.
In the this generation (my techno bith) my next generation  facilitated with smart phone functioning and google Quran recitation and duas down loading. We had to bring the books down to reread for corrections. Too many scholars preaching and in contradiction.  Quran recitation  (Khatam e Quran) in Ramadan Kareem is the tradition and who would argue otherwise?
Here comes Zakir Naik, who, the superfast human Computer, bitting every one down with his talk, while in criticising his fellow Indians (he criticises down every Indian faith, sect),  Indian have made accustomery tradition of Quran reciting by making a big deal partying with big bang Quran khani they named it, Mr Naik preached  (Khatam e – ) complete recitation of Quran not valid or unimportant.
Mr Naik, is liked by Millions of youngsters, his challenging talks fit in well in young  Muslims challenging  nature. Well fit.  When youngsters are already lazy and fast on iPhone at the same time being addicted to tech, Mr Naiks comment against completing Quran in Ramadan gives them well suitable excuse not to open up Traditional Quran printed Hard copy and to struggle or to focus and to attempt to recite Arabic verses with correcting tazweed the vocalisation rule and approved sound.
I am afraid, Mr Naik is challenging, critical and by defeating everyone and he wins. Though, how is his Tajweed of Quran? Very poor. He also is a Silafi sect follower.  The joke, “ salatus silafi, la gusl, wa wudzu wa aniyat, Allahuakbar” . Do every body has to be his follower?  Yes, a gust of lazy and critical nature became his followers. Indian Muslims, one extreme, and he is  another. Mr Naik, the super intelligent gave example  Mohammed pbuh didn’t do (Quran Katam) the completion of reading during Ramadan.
Do I need to argue the simple and basic fact, Quran, it  took 23 years to be completely reveal, a verse by verse then how on earth Mohamed was going to complete Quran in every Ramadan. According to Hadith, Abu Huraira said Jibrael recited whole Quran in Ramadan with prophet Muhammed pbuh. If Mohammed,  would have done Quran recitation regularly it would have been fard the unavoidable, must act for every Muslims, then would every Muslim be able to do such?
Quran was reveal in Ramadan, and the companions did complete recitation in Ramadan, what else would be better than to recite Al Quran in Ramadan?  Yes, it’s not fard. And a Muslim must read whole Quran, at least once in life time. Read for understanding for guidance and teaching, and recite for deeds as it also said in Hadith and also most importantly in Al Quran in sura Muzzammil it says to recite Al Quran drmonteatively;  in Calm, rhythmic  and with sweet accent. Wa Rattili Qurana Tartila.
Omar Khattab in agreement with companions regulated Quran recitation in Ramadan, the Omar, who accepted Quran by its recitation. Omars law was approved by Allah, his sword Saitan was scared of. What else we Muslims life more about if we do not recite Quran even in Ramadan, 27th when it was reveal, in the night of power  that is better than a 1000 nights says in Quran.  On Omars law is the todays large Muslim demography is running by.
There also Shia and all other sects I know of recite Al Quran everyday.  There are Quran Hafiz millions across the world memorized Al Quran,  and millions of Qari recite Al Quran with proper approved regulated vocalisation and sound stretching emphasis. Quran isn’t only for political purpose of understanding for ruling and giving out talks. Mr Naik, not only overconfident, he appears to be ignorant under his exceptional memory capacity.
It’s better to pause before uttering and commenting. There are many strayed and lost in minds beings, lazy do easily  get misled, contradict or spit up with difference of opinion.  Quran is a treasure for Muslims and it’s recitation is medicine, pleasure and jewel. There is a strong emphasis on Quran recitation.  May Allah accept my/ our Completion recitation and help us to continue, and reward and grant Laylatul Qudar. Ameen.
Its our prophet Muhammed pbuh struggled; straighned and with hard efford had recited the Quran and left it for us to recite. If not in Ramadan, when we will with best and strong feeling will recite the Al Quran to feed our spirit?  It’s also good to sit and recite Quran to dove into our inner dimension rather than to go and challenge and provoke others.  Ramadan by itself is dawah. The entire world and now the digital world is aware of Ramadan and it’s the month of Holy Quran (and all other holy scriptures).
Quran isn’t about to take a verse of it to go and attack; to kill or to provoke others.  Quran came down with READ instruction for recitation.  Why not to read whole Quran, why to be selective by dismissive?  Denying part of Quran is Haram (and Ahmediya have done such).  Complete whole Quran recitation is a way of assertion, acknowledging and declaration of entire belief in Al Quran as complete.
Then it will be Eid ul fitr  (likely to be on the 4th), on the 1st of Shawal the lunar month. May Allah subhanu tala, grant happiness to mankind. Eid Saeed.  Eid Mubarak