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Bengal – India, The History (August 19)


Fatema Miah:


It’s 15th of August today, Sheik Mujibur Rahman was assassinated on this day and on the 11th of August  Adultescence Khuduram Bose was hanged to death in British India (is it India in correct term?).

The forgotten, closed up  chapter, the History of Bengal is the key and fundemental aspect of opening chapter of,  Would I be wrong to say,  what shaped to the todays India?

What is India? Where India comes from? If you thinking of Bharat is another name then again, where was  Bharat? The Greatest Bharat,  Moha Bharat, is known, what was it’s perimeters? And todays India is the result of what occurrnces?

Yes, Indian History is claimed to be know, though the truth is partial; different chapters known to different groups of people per the geographical angle and matter of interest. The India never was there. Bharat only was a provincial section of a legendary tale.

Am I too direct in my dictation about India? I wrote several  years ago about Khudiram Bose. The Child patriot,  of What land I ponder in it,  surely it wasn’t India then.  When Indian History is talked about obviously, British India  is well known, and Mughal Rulers are non-miss able topic, in the positive or negative light.

India known as a Hindu country, where Muslims ruled for half a millennium, and Muslims cultured in India  for almost a millennium now. In this Hindu country where was India ever? What is India?  It  is a well known country India.  As I explained about India to it’s suitable name Hindustan, in my book unspoken, the land on the shore of Hind ocean  (and the people). Anyway, the Hind region, of South East wider area was known for Milleniums as The Hind.

The ‘Mughal’ is strongly portray of India and known as the Muslim picture of India. The Mughal was the last dinesty ruled in India before British and it’s obvious the current India is the shape of from  then.  There, what is not made into picture that it wasn’t Mughal came to India for Islam to spread Peace message, rather it was empire seeking.

Mughals neither was the 1st,  nor it was a hijrath, (migrate) to India.  The early comers, those came to India, they have spread message of peace and values, in the early dated as early as 6th century BC, goes back to the companions pbut era, they did hijrath. It was, admirable the Persians, People of the Gulf region, they had spiritual meaning and love of faith in hearts, and they also gained the ruling power in Indian provinces. (I am not talking about Shadi).

The late comers came with invade and rule passion, (and business) and they caused upsetting, confusion, and they misled Islam by politicise.  Then European power pushing began to invade the Hindustan to push out the Mughal rule.  Hindustan was Mughal e Azms spread out into many provinces.  When British came there, there still were provincial Raj rule. The Europeans faced and been pushed away. Then British East India Dock trading company Invaded Bengal.

Battle of Polashi (plassey) in 1957 was the enter point of British into (India) the Mughal Akbar’s   Greater Hindustan, the key success enter.  The  conquering wasn’t over yet, Brit had to face more challenge. The biggest challenges, most were in Bangal (except for Mutiny in 1857). There was Khudiram, an orphan, unguided  Child as a challenge to British great Power. The Child was executed, hanged to death on the 11 August 1908.

Mutiny took place exactly 100 years later, challenged British power. British took Indian provinces under control and governed as a central governance and British named it India. British then granted princely governance after Mutiny.  Then British planned to divide and rule. The provincial kings were easy to fit in divide and rule, the Western provincial states leaders were better fit and ready suit for such divide policy, though it was Bengalis challenged it. And self-ruled India demand began from Calcutta. Bengali Rajas and Princes were target for execution mostly.

There comes India, and Ghandi name takes presidency about Independent India, where, Bengalis were the prime turning for an Independent India. Again, I wrote in My book unspoken that’s India is proud of it’s  Independence and Bengalis due credits is not given for the Independence seeking and sacrifices made.  There, the Western provincial Muslims played Jinnah game and made Pakistan, yes by deception as I wrote in my book unspoken.

Bengal was divided and so was Bengalis. Bengalis those were taken into  Pakistan have eventually came out of Pakistan tortures and stood with an independent regional and ethnic suitable name Bangladesh. The rest (of Bengal) are stuck under Indian power and discrimination.  In it the Muslims are the worse of all there in West Bengal. There, the Pakistan have been playing tactics of politicising Islam, making  Kashmiri people dance on their toes, now crying to bate Bengalis of both East and west Bengalis into politicise Islam (they playing it as Gazwa e Hind, which isn’t).

It’s independence day for both India and Pakistan on the 14th  and 15th  For Pakistan it’s no doubt was a bona fide of been able to make Pakistan, though for India, was it a great independence?  Should India as India has been one country  with all those different provinces? What about provincial independent rights and desire of freedom? The original provincial separatis is lurking.  The biggest question is, Muslims land, still is talked about and here is Kashmir todays example. Do Muslims need Muslims land?. No. Muslims like all other human need freedom of practice and anywhere, and of course everywhere on the heaven and the earth.

15th of August is a Sad and shame day for Bengladeshis History, per Bengalis were cheated to Bengal division in 47,  after a bloody war of 71 and victory  they assassinated their own Independence  leader sheik Mujibur Rahman. May Allah grant peace to his soul and to All Muslims and all assassinated human. Ameen.  Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com