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        Pitha Utsab on Saturday the 23rd November


Pitha is an integral part of Bangladeshi culture and heritage. Without varieties of Pitha being there, a festival in the country cannot be think of.  This traditional Pitha program is being organized by different organizations, individuals and groups. The purpose is to provide people an opportunity to taste pitha, as well as to introduce them   not only to the native people but also to the foreigners. Following this, the Greater Khulna Resident in Britain will hold such a programme call Pitha Utsab on Saturday, the 23rd November, venue: Ensign Youth Club Wellclose Street, E1 5HA. This program will be followed by a cultural event. All of you are cordially invited to this event. For your information, Khulna, as well as the whole southern region of Bangladesh, is especially known for its different types of pita puli, varieties of Pitha are made by the inhabitants of this particular area. These Pithas are not only visually appealing but also delicious and nutritious. Those who have tasted the mouth-watering Pitha of Khulna region, we don’t think they need further advertisement on this.
We will have a number of guests present with us on 23rd including Saeeda Munna Tasnim -High Commissioner, Bangladesh High Commission in London, Rushnara Ali- honourable Member of the Parliament, John Biggs -honourable executive member of Tower Hamlet Council. At the event on that evening we will have a number of local councillors along with a large number of people from local community with us.
Our main objectives and goals:
1.      To make our traditional Pitha very family in whole Britain as well as in Europe.
2.      Establishing Pitha business as a new industry so it takes its own positon in the mainstream business of this country;
3.      Delivering the taste of Pitha to every family living in Britain;
4.      To work consecutively with a goal to make Pitha a dessert item as well as to enlist it in the breakfast menu worldwide.
Through you gladly I would like to convey my message to Britain that the Pitha Utsab is one of our continuous efforts to achieve such goal.
Our humble request to our Journalist friends that please stay with us so we can achieve our ultimate objective. We believe everyone will welcome such a constructive initiative. If we all can consider ourselves as ambassadors of our country and culture and work towards achieving this common goal with our own initiatives then I am sure success would be just a matter of time only. Thus the Pitha culture of khula and the southern region can be populated and this will help saving our dying curry industry as well as our mother land will be benefited. Thus we, the non-resident Bangladeshi will be benefitted, one more success will be added to our glorious dairy of achievements.
Despite your busy schedule, you have made some time for us, so on behalf of the organisers ‘Amra Khulnabashi’ please accept my gratefulness.  We very much appreciate your presence here today.