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Bangla media journalists working in Britain receive the UKBRU Media Award


Bangla Mirror Desk :


UKBRU Media Award was presented to four Bangla media journalists working in Britain for their unique contribution to journalism through a ceremony at Conference Room C, House of Commons, on 7 September 7. Under the overall supervision of the host and the first British Bengali MP Rushanara Ali and special guest Minister (Press) of Bangladesh High Commission in London, Ashequn Nabi Chowdhury, the UKBRU Media Award 2020 and 2021 was announced.

The award-winning journalists are Weekly Potrika contributor Hamid Mohammad 2020, Dainik Uttorpurbo and Dhaka Times London correspondent Matiar Chowdhury 2021, Shottobani Managing editor Syeda Ferdowsi Pasha Koli 2021 and Bangla Mirror newspaper special correspondent Muhammad Shahed Rahman 2021.

UK Bangla Reporters Unity President Ansar Ahmed Ullah presided, and UK Bangla Reporters Unity Secretary and Bangla Sanglap Senior Reporter Muhammad Sajidur Rahman conducted the entire event. Media and IT Secretary of Reporters Unity Rumy Haque read out the life work of the award-winning journalists at the event.

The UKBRU Media Award 2020/2021 is presented to British-Bengali Bengali speaking journalists living in Britain who have made an outstanding contribution to journalism by sending objective news from Britain.

The chief guest and the host of the award ceremony, the first British Bengali MP of the House of Commons, Rushanara Ali, congratulated the four talented journalists on receiving the UKBRU Media Award and said that the Bengali newspaper had given a hundred years of service. She shared memories of her father, who used to collect Bengali newspapers in London and read them at home. She called upon the media to accurately portray the rich history, heritage and culture of Bengalis in Britain.

Congratulating the recipients of the UKBRU Media Award, Bangladesh High Commission Minister (Press) Ashequn Nabi Chowdhury said that many more steps should be taken to promote objective journalism. Besides awarding awards, he also urged to organise workshops, training and seminars for working journalists. Because there is no substitute for workshops or training to gain journalistic experience, he called for different ways to connect with mainstream journalism.

UKBRU Media Award 2021 Special Correspondent of Bangla Mirror newspaper Muhammad Shahed Rahman expressed his opinion in a short speech and said.’ I am happy to receive this award for his special contribution to objective journalism. Heartfelt thanks to the awardees. Thanks to Rushanara Ali MP, the host of this award ceremony. I would like to dedicate my award to my daughter and wife on this auspicious occasion. I will not say that my responsibility has increased in receiving this award. I will continue to be responsible for sending honest news. I am and will remain in journalism with honesty. I will work for the welfare of society and country.’

Veteran journalist Matiar Chowdhury who received UKBRU Media Award 2020, said,’ I have received many awards in my life and today’s award is the most valuable to me because I am proud to receive the award from the first British Bangladeshi MP Rushanara Ali from the House of Commons. I have been in this profession for a long time, and now I am in the last chapter of my life. I have received many honours in my life. This award will be remembered in my life. Thanks to the UK Bangla Reporters Unity Award Jury Board for nominating me.’

Veteran journalist Hamid Mohammad, who received the UK BRU Media Award 2020, thanked the Reporters Unity Award Jury Board and said, ‘It is a pleasure for me to receive this award at a late age. If such an award is given to young journalists as a form of recognition instead of giving to seniors, the youth will get double motivation.’

Syeda Ferdowsi Pasha Koli, a woman journalist who received the UKBRU Media Award 2021, said, ‘This award is definitely an honour. Like me, those who work or have worked in this profession know that women’s journalism is full of challenges. And I got the motivation to work the right way in my professional life from my family.’