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Unveiling of second issue of ‘Shwa-Chinta’  Magazine and discussion meeting with author Mohammad Nawab Ali

By Matiar Chowdhury:


London: On Sunday January 29 at 2:00 PM, the Society of Bengali Writers’ UK publication ‘Shwa-Chinta’ Little Magazine unveiled the cover of the second issue and visiting Britain with Mohammad Nawab Ali the owner of Basia Publishing House the publisher and distributor of ‘Shwa-Chinta’ Exchange meeting.The meeting was held under the chairmanship of AKM Zillul Haque the advisory editor of ‘Shwa-Chinta’ and the presentation of the associate editor journalist Alaur Rahman Khan Shaheen, was given a welcome speech by Syed Masum poet and researcher the editor of ‘Shwa-Chinta’. The guests present at the meeting mentioned Littlemagzine ‘Shwa-Chinta’ published in print version as a challenging task in today’s world of electronic media. The first issue of ‘Shwa-Chinta’ has been well received by the Bangla speakers of the outside world, including Bangladesh beyond the borders of Britain and has been able to gain a special place among the writers and readers in a short period of time.

Among others one of Great Britain’s top Bengali poet Nuruzzaman Moni, former president of London-Bangla Press Club Nawab Uddin, former Speaker of Tower Hamlets Council Councilor Ahbab Hossain, author and researcher Farooq Ahmed, distinguished TV presenter and newsreader Doctor Zaki Rezwana Anwar, combined Sahitya and Culture Parishad UK President Poet Maynur Rahman Babul, General Secretary Poet AKM Abdullah, Birmingham Literary Parishad Convener Poet Syed Iqbal, Distinguished Journalist and Columnist Farooq Joshi, Poet Hamid Mohammad, Poet Moshahid Khan, Freedom Fighter Abdul Hadi, Sandwell Cultural Society Birmingham general secretary Moshiur Rahman Mamun, writer researcher Anwar Shahjahan, director of Natundin newspaper journalist Polly Rahman, Khan Jamal. Community Activist  AKM Abu Taher Chowdhury, Principal Fakhruddin Chowdhury, Shwa-Chinta Executive Editor Syed Sohail Ahmed, Presenter Poet Hafsa Islam, ‘Shwa-Chinta’ Managing Editor Lecturer Sheikh M Shamim Shahed, London Bangla Press Club EC Member Poet Shah Naz Sultana Self Thought Promotion and Publication Editor Mosharraf Shaikh, Poet Khaled Saifullah, Mostak Ahmed, Hasan Kawsar Chowdhury Shipon, Syed Nazmul Islam Luku, Qutub Ali, London Bangla Press Club EC Member Journalist Emran Ahmed and others.At the beginning of the program, writer Nawab Ali, the owner of Basia, the publisher and distributor of ‘Shwa-Chinta’, was welcomed with flowers by poet and lyricist Liaquat Khan, the advisory editor of Swa-Chinta.

(Matiar Chowdhury London 31st January 2033.)