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Eastbourne celebrates International Mother Language Day

Ansar Ahmed Ullah:


The United Nations Association (UNA) Eastbourne held a day of celebration at The Gather, Beacon Centre, on 25th February to celebrate International Mother Language Day.  The celebration was opened by a special guest, the Mayor of Eastbourne, Cllr Patrick Rodohan, accompanied by his wife, Mayoress Mrs Rodohan. The event was presided over by Ian Elgie, FRGS chair of UNA Eastbourne and conducted by Mr Mozmil Hussain, Vice chairman of UNA Eastbourne.

The event brought together speakers from different countries, including Bangladesh, Poland, and Uganda, emphasising the value of multilingualism and associated multiculturalism.  One event highlight was the display of the proposed International Mother Language Day Monument (Shahid Minar).

Trustees of Hampden Park Eastbourne will be looking into the feasibility of having the monument in their park.  This project is receiving increasing attention, and the hope is that it may soon be realised.   The monument will symbolise respect and tolerance for all cultures and focus on the enriching role of multilingualism.

Other guests included County Cllr Abdul Azad,  Abdul Kadir, Secretary of Bangladesh Welfare Association Eastbourne,  Radwan Hussain, Organising Secretary of International Mother Language Monument Eastbourne, Carol Mills, John Maya, Zahed Hossain, Saleh Ahmed, Rana Miah, Paul Kabuki, Shifon Miah,  Aleena and Sarah amongst others.