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Shamim-Simon champions in UK Bangla Reporters Unity Badminton Tournament 2023


By Muhammed Shahed Rahman: 


UK Bangla Reporters Unity Badminton Tournament 2023 has been completed in London with a bang.  Bangladesh became independent on 26 March 1971 after 9 months of war with Pakistan and bloody struggle and sacrifice. And in this month of independence, Badminton Tournament 2023 was held in London under the initiative of UK Bangla Reporters Unity. The game started in a joyous atmosphere, dedicated to the memory of those martyrs who gave their lives for the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. On Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at noon at the Newham Leisure Center in East London, UK Bangla Reporters Unity Badminton Tournament 2023 was inaugurated – 
Ansar Ahmed Ullah, former president of UK Bangla Reporters Unity, Muhammed Shahed Rahman, secretary Prof. Muhammad Shajidur Rahman, Jamal Khan, treasurer Muhammad Saleh Ahmed, Zubair Ahmad and Bishwabangla News24 editor Shah Belal etc. Before the inauguration of the badminton tournament, the speakers said – there is no alternative to sports. A person’s body and mind become better through sports. This is a unique way to prevent youth from engaging in any sport or physical activity. Sports is a unique tool to protect the youth of the community from drug addiction. Jamal Khan, Zubair Ahmad, Abdul Bashir served as coordinators of the Badminton Tournament organized by UK Bangla Reporters Unity.  Among the winners at the end of the day of UK Bangla Reporters Unity — Shamim Ahmed and Simon became champions and Suhed Ahmed and Ahsan Chowdhury became runners-up.  3rd place – Aktaruzzaman and Syed Azad Ali, 4th place Belal and Khokon.  Each team was awarded a trophy and prize money by UK Bangla Reporters Unity. Prize trophies and prize money were distributed among the winners by Unmesh Desai Member of London Assembly, Dewan Mahmudul Haque Counsellor of Bangladesh High Commission in London, Ahbab Hossain former Speaker of London Borough of Tower Hamlets and community activist Ahad Chowdhury and leaders of UK Bangla Reporters Unity. 24 team pairs participated in Badminton Tournament 2023 organized by UK Bangla Reporters Unity.  The teams are – Mustafa-Kauser pair, Mukit-Ujjbal pair, Taher-Nurooz pair, Abu Bakar-Alamgir pair, Abdur Rab-Shafiq pair, Mumin Moin-Noman pair, Shamim-Simon pair, Safiq-Anwar pair, Farhan-Prince. Pair, Bayezid – Taher pair, Suedur – Minhaj pair, Mainul – Jamal pair, Enam – Shamim pair, Balal – Khokon pair, Salim – Masum pair, Suhail – Shakeel pair, Mamun – Manzoor pair, Hafizur – Inan pair, Shaheen – Khashrul pair Pair, Miton – Nasir Pair, Suhed – Ahsan Pair, Akhtaruzzaman – Syed Azad Pair, Saiful – Zubair Pair, Mafiq – Mahmood