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Bangladesh will see mass uprising soon: Dr Mosharraf

BNP standing committee member Dr Khandker Mosharraf Hossain has said it is better if the present government can be removed from power as early as possible.

“This type of government doesn’t leave power voluntarily. So, it is necessary to create a mass upsurge to oust this government. A mass uprising becomes successful when all professional bodies and people come forward to participate in it. Inshallah, such a mass upsurge will happen in the country sooner rather that later,” he said.

Dr Mosharraf was speaking as the chief guest at a discussion organised at Jatiya Press Club in the capital on Tuesday afternoon. Doctors Association of Bangladesh (DAB) organised the discussion on “Fifty-two years of independence and devastated health system” in observance of the Independence and National Day.

The BNP leader observed that people have become united against the illegal government in Bangladesh. They think that this government will not be able to correct anything else. Those who have killed democracy, they will never be able to return democracy. Those who have pushed the healthcare system to destruction, they will never be able to correct it. So, it is better if they are ousted from power as soon as possible.