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Digital Security Act to be made people’s friendly: Law Minister

Steps are being taken to misuse of Digital Security Act (DSA), said Law Minister Anisul Huq on Saturday.

He said efforts are going on for proper use of the law and make it people’s friendly.

The Law Minister made the remarks taking part in a roundtable titled “Digital Security Act Controversies” organised by Editors’ Guild at Dhaka Gallery at Banani in the capital on Saturday.

The Office of the United Nations Human Rights Commission has sent a set of recommendations to the Bangladesh government proposing the repealing of two sections (Sections 21 and 28) completely and making eight amendments to the Digital Security Act.

The Law Minister said, “A team from our country headed by Legislative Secretary which comprises of the officials from the Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Information and Communication Technology, and Law ministries, has been formed to discuss with the United Nations Human Rights Commission. After discussion, they have sent a technical note.”

Mentioning about the technical note, Anisul Huq said they (United Nations Human Rights Commission) has recommended to repeal Section 21 of the Digital Security Act. “But, it is not possible for me.”

“I want to make it clear that Section 21 is imperative in our context, which was raised at the discussion,” he further said.