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It’s not a victory march, rather it’s a defeat march: Quader

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader has called BNP’s nationwide road march program “a march towards defeat.”

“Mirza Fakhrul called Tuesday’s BNP march a ‘victory march.’ What victory? Their march was, in fact, a march towards defeat, a journey of decline. It is not a victory march, rather it is a defeat march,” Quader said while addressing the AL rally today in front of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB).

“What did BNP get from the European Union (delegation)? Did they get a caretaker government? Or Sheikh Hasina’s resignation? Or the resignation of the government? BNP got nothing,” Quader said.

“BNP thought that they would get a caretaker government from the US and that the US would tell us to have dialogue with them. The Americans came and went. What did BNP get? They didn’t get diddly-squat,” he added.

The Road, Transport and Bridges Minister stressed that Sheikh Hasina will perform her duties as the head of the government during elections as is the norm in other democracies of the world.

“There won’t be any caretaker government. Parliament will not be dissolved, and there’s no question of Sheikh Hasina’s resignation,” Quader said.

The AL general secretary called upon the BNP and its affiliates to follow the constitution.

Saying that Awami League does not bow down to anyone, he said, “Our one-point is the constitution of Bangladesh. We will apply what is written in the constitution. That’s how the election will be held. No matter what you do, we won’t move an inch away from that.”

Following Obaidul Quader’s inauguration speech at the rally, Awami League’s ‘peace and development procession’ programme started at 4:00pm from the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh.

The programme was organized in response to the BNP’s ‘one-point’ movement for the government’s resignation.

Later, leaders and activists of Dhaka South City unit of Awami League participated in a procession from outside the Institution of Engineersat 5pm towards Dhanmondi 32. The rally passed through Shahbagh, Kataban, Science Laboratory, Kalabagan and ended in Dhanmondi 32 at around 6:00pm.