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It’s not just a road march, rather it’s a victory march: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said the party’s road march is not just an ordinary road march, rather it is a victory march.

“This is a road march to realise our rights. Our only demand is the immediate resignation of Sheikh Hasina led government,” he said while addressing a rally ahead of the road march at Gabtoli Mazar Road in the capital on Tuesday morning.

The BNP leader said no election would be held under the “illegal and unlawful” government as the Election Commission played a joke with the by-election in Dhaka-17 on Monday (July 17, 2023). There was a heavyweight Awami League candidate named Prof Arafat. He is also the head of Awami League think-tank. Who was his competitor? Hero Alam! The EC could not draw voters to that election as 89 per of voters didn’t appear at the voting.

He said: “Awami League’s heavyweight think-tank was on one side, and Hero Alam was on the other side. The polling stations were empty, and there was no presence of voters anywhere… The Election Commission is ineffective.”

Mirza Fakhrul said the Election Commission has proved itself a completely disabled, incompetent, and subservient to a particular party. According to its estimate, only 11 per cent of ballots were cast. “We saw on television that there were no voters at any centre. A voter approached to a center after almost five hours, and Awami League supporters became occupied with him.”

The BNP Secretary General said, “We have only one goal which was mentioned in the one-point movement announced on July 12 last. Not only the BNP, 36 more political parties announced that the government would have to resign right now. The country’s people don’t want to see them in power anymore.”

The main opposition BNP brought out road marches at different points in the capital after 10:00am on Tuesday to press home their one-point demand including the resignation of the government, dissolve of parliament, and reconstitution of the Election Commission.