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Establishing a college in Shahar Para is everyone’s dream at home and abroad – Husne Ara Kamali in London

Bangla Mirror desk:


70th General Meeting of Greater Shahar Para Jubo Shongo and a friendly meeting organized by Shahar Para Jubo Shongo  in honor of Associate Professor Husne Ara Kamali, Chairman of Bengali Language and Literature Department of Madan Mohan Government College, Sylhet’s traditional enlightened man, the talented face of Greater Shahar Para traveling to UK.
Held On Tuesday (18 July 2023) at a hall in East London under the chairmanship of Jubo Shongo President Akhtar Mia Kamaly and under the direction of Secretary Abdul Awal Kamaly, the welcome speech was given by Jubo Shongo Assistant Secretary Shah Alam Kamali.
Sheikh Farooq Ahmad, Abdus Salam Kamali, former principal Muhammed Shahed Rahman, former UP chairman Tayab Miah Kamali, former president of Jubo Sangh Abdur Rahman, former president of Jubo Sangh Sheikh M A Khalique , Abdur Rahim Kamaly and councilor Sabia kamali spoke in this meeting among others.
Abul Bashar Kamali, Nasir Uddin Kamali, Aminur Kamali, Shanur Kamali, Siddek Kamali, Lutfur Mia Kamali, Chunu Mia Kamali, Zaidur Kamali, Rais Uddin, Badrul Kamali, Lutfur Rahman Gentu, Kishore Kamali, Habib Kamali welcomed the guests with flowers in the meeting. Many others.
Crests and gifts were presented to the guests by the honorable advisers and other members of the Jubo Shongo.
In this meeting, Monuhor Miah Kamali, advisor of Jubo Shong, Engineer Chadrul Hossain, Former secretary of Jubo Shong,
community activist Monayem Hossain, Jahangir Kamali, Sohail Ahmad, Maruf Ahmad, Shibulu Mia h and many others were present.
Speakers in the meeting said – Greater Shahar Para Jubo Shongo has been working for educational development and human welfare since its establishment in 1987.
That continuity still continues. Jubo Shongo will play a role in the overall development of the country and abroad if we get everyone’s cooperation in the future.
Today it is a great achievement to have the opportunity to honor Associate Professor Husne Ara Kamali, an educationist in the area, a pioneer of the women’s awakening of the time.
Jubo Shongo never hesitates to honor anyone. Moreover, Jubo Shongo has been giving awards and honoring senior citizens every year. This trend will continue.
Associate Professor Husne Ara Kamali, the guest of honor in this meeting, thanked Shahar Para Jubo Shongo for this organization in London and said – I am a general women. I try to walk on the path of knowledge, but I can’t.
I will remember the honor I received today. I really have nothing to ask for.
He said about women’s education, not only the students, but mothers and parents are now very aware of the development of women’s education. Bangladesh is now far ahead in women’s education.
Professor Husne Ara Kamali said in his speech about the establishment of a college in his village and in Shahar Para – This is my dream, our dream, the dream of our elders, the dream of our youth and youth in the country and abroad.
Why can we do more as a college? If we have unity.
He said – the dream is that which does not let me sleep.
But the dream that we dream while sleeping is not really a dream.
It is the subconscious mind of the brain.
But a dream that does not let us sleep is a dream.
I think if we think about establishing a college in Shahar Para and that thought or dream does not let us sleep, it is a dream. The dream to establish the college from today will not let us sleep.