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HC orders to send notice to Tarique Rahman’s corrected address

The High Court (HC) on Sunday ordered sending the notice of a rule that banned publication of BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman’s speech in all media to his amended address.

A HC Division Bench comprising Justice Md Khasruzzaman and Justice Md Khairul Alam also ordered to publish a notification in the newspapers in this regard.

Earlier on Thursday, the High Court asked the petitioner to correct the defendant’s address and make an application. As the petitioner submitted the application, the court passed the order on Sunday.

On January 6, 2015, Advocate Nasreen Siddiki Lina filed the writ, BSS reports.

Addressing the Information Secretary, the writ sought instructions to take necessary measures not to publish, broadcast, screen and reproduce any statement of Tarique Rahman in any newspaper, electronic media, social media or any other electronic device or media.

It is said in the writ that statements given by Tarique is illegal and contradictory to the provisions of the constitution and thus his speech should not be published publicly as he is a fugitive convict.

In the rule, it has been asked why the defendants will not be directed to take necessary steps to prohibit publication and broadcasting of Tarique Rahman’s speech.

Information Secretary, Home Secretary, Law Secretary, Foreign Secretary, IGP, Director General of BTV and Chairman of BTRC have been asked to respond to the rule.