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Wales Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards Celebrates Outstanding Achievements of Welsh Bangladeshis in Sport



Cardiff, 2nd December 2023– The Wales Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards (WEDSA) concluded with resounding success last night, honouring individuals and projects that have significantly contributed to promoting ethnic diversity and inclusivity within the sporting industry. This ground-breaking initiative, organised by Rajma Begum of Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA), welcomed distinguished guests, including Bablin Malik, the Bangladeshi born, Lord Mayor of Cardiff, in attendance.

Among the notable winners, Jalal Goni emerged as the “Personality of the Year,” recognised for his valued contributions within the sporting community. Nazrul Islam of Exiles Together received the prestigious “Inclusive Sport Award,” acknowledging the project’s efforts in breaking barriers in sports.

Rajma Begum’s meticulous organisation ensured a seamless event that celebrated the achievements of individuals from diverse backgrounds. The presence of Bablin Malik, Lord Mayor of Cardiff, added a distinguished touch to the ceremony, highlighting the commitment of Bangladeshi-origin individuals to the promotion of diversity in Welsh sports.

Wales boasts a vibrant and talented Bangladeshi community that has excelled in various sectors, including education, business, arts, and community service. Welsh Bangladeshi individuals have made significant contributions to the cultural tapestry of Wales, enriching the nation with their diverse talents and skills.

WEDSA’s commitment aligns with Sport Wales’s vision of an active nation where everyone, regardless of background, can enjoy a lifelong engagement with sports. The award categories spanned from “Volunteer of the Year” to the “Lifetime Achievement Award,” recognising individuals, projects, and organisations that have left an indelible mark on the Welsh sports landscape.

The awards also celebrated the “Young Person of the Year,” acknowledging the sporting achievements of individuals under 18, and the “Outstanding Contribution to Sport,” recognising those who have made a significant impact in promoting ethnic diversity and inclusivity within sports.

The “Club of the Year” category showcased outstanding success and achievement by a team or club, while the “Community Sports Project of the Year” recognised initiatives that provided sport and physical activity opportunities to ethnically diverse communities.

WEDSA’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in sports resonates with Sport Wales’s vision, fostering a vibrant society where individuals of all ages can derive lifelong pleasure from sports.