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Official launch of Vijayaful program in London



Muhammed Shahed Rahman:



The Vijayaful program was officially inaugurated in London by taking a pledge to accelerate the fight against bigotry, fundamentalism and communalism by upholding the spirit of the liberation war in 1971.

Inaugurating the Vijayphool program at the foot of Shaheed Minar in Altab Ali Park, East London, overlooking the winter, at 6pm on November 30th at 6pm, with the patriotic song ‘Mora Ekte pul k Bacha bo bole judo kore’, by garlanding each other with Vijayflowers, saluting the brave freedom fighters and their families.

December is the month of Bangladesh’s victory. Wherever you are in the world, wear Vijayophul every day in the month of Victory, stand tall in the glory of victory and remember the martyrs of 71 and hold the victory of Bangladesh in your chest. Vijayaful program has also started this year.

Under the direction of Bijayful poet Milton Rahman, the freedom fighters gave a short speech, the brave freedom fighter Lokman Hossain, the brave freedom fighter Ghaus Sultan, the brave freedom fighter Faizur Rahman Khan, the brave freedom fighter Abu Musa Hasan, the brave freedom fighter Mefta Islam, the brave freedom fighter Abdur Rahman, the brave freedom fighter Aman Uddin .

Speakers in the meeting said that the importance of the Vijayaful program is immense to restore the lost consciousness in independent Bangladesh achieved through the great liberation war of 1971 and to remove the degeneration of thought and consciousness. It is our promise to convey the message of our great liberation war to the new generation. They said that it is necessary to carry out this program by involving people from all walks of life, especially the new generation, throughout the year.

When Vijayaful was first introduced as a program, its purpose was to show respect for the independence of Bangladesh, to show respect to those who fought the liberation war and also to present to the next generation our history, the thoughts and feelings of the liberation war, the glorious heritage of Bangladesh.

Mujibul Haque Mani, Journalist Bulbul Hasan, Journalist Nilufa Yasmin Hasan, Dewan Mahmudul Haque, Jamal Khan, Shamima Mita, Poet Syed Hilal Saif, Apu Islam, Feroz Ahmed Bipul, Selina Shelley, Nazma Islam, Asaduzzaman Mukul, among others were present at the inauguration ceremony. Abdul Qadir and others.

It should be noted that the Vijayaful program has been celebrated for the last 16 years to highlight the spirit and history of the Great Liberation War in the diaspora. Poet Shamim Azad started writing and campaigning extensively on the liberation war and victory of Bangladesh. This is the continuation of the creation of Vijayaful. For Bangladeshis living in the outside world, Vijayaful has become a symbol of the liberation war.

An opportunity to tell the story of our liberation war to the children through a creative activity while making Vijayphool. Vijayaful is an occasion. A freedom fighter sits by the side while the children make the victory flower and narrates the story of the liberation war and the victory of the war.

It conveys the message of 71 to the new generation. When children make a flower by combining five green petals and a red sphere, they are taught that the middle circle is the red sun of our victory, and through the five petals our secularism – the solidarity of people of different religions, our fundamental rights, the country’s rivers, green nature etc.

Therefore, the whole image of Bangladesh emerges in front of the new generation while making Vijayaful. Vijayaful is not only limited to London, many Bengalis in different countries of the world wear Vijayaful on their chests every December, holding the spirit of victory in their hearts.

The International Goodwill Ambassador of Vijayaful is Dr. Salim Jahan and the other two Goodwill Ambassadors of Vijayaful in London are Gauri Chowdhury and Urmi Mazhar.