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A neighbouring country helping AL to hold a ‘dummy election’: Rizvi

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Friday alleged that a neighbouring country is directly interfering in the affairs of Bangladesh and aiding the ruling Awami League to hold a “dummy election” on January 7, reports UNB.

Talking to reporters while distributing leaflets in Dhaka city’s Dhanmondi area, he also called upon the country’s people to boycott the “stage-managed” election.

“The prime minister yesterday (Thursday) said that conspiracies are going on in the country and abroad regarding the election. It’s you [Awami League] who are conspiring. A neighbouring country is directly interfering and aiding the ruling party holding a dummy election in Bangladesh.”

He, however, did not mention India by name.

Rizvi also accused the government of trying to turn Bangladesh into a vassal state by sacrificing the country’s independence and sovereignty only to retain power. “But people won’t let their blueprint to succeed.”

He said no election will be held in Bangladesh on January 7. “It’s an election of seat sharing and distribution. It’s a farcical election.”

Stating that people are the owners of the country, the BNP leader also said the government is trying to dodge foreigners by holding a “dummy election” ignoring public opinion. “The government won’t succeed, no matter how many conspiracies they resort to.”

“We urge the voters to boycott this dummy election… stay home on polling day, don’t go to the polling stations. Say no to this illegal election without going to the polling stations,” he said.

As part of their party’s countrywide programme, Rizvi along with some BNP leaders and workers distributed leaflets at the kitchen market at Dhanmondi-15 in the capital in the morning.

BNP and like-minded opposition parties have been observing a leaflet distribution and mass contact programme to drum up public support in favour of their call for boycotting the Januray-7 election and not cooperating with the Awami League government.