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Sheikh Hasina hastily forms govt as unknown fear grips her: BNP

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi has said Sheikh Hasina formed the new government at an unprecedented speed by issuing the gazette and swearing in hastily.

“As an unknown fear has gripped Sheikh Hasina, she has hastily formed the cabinet before the expiry of the tenure of her previous government,” he said while addressing a press conference at the party’s Nayapaltan central office in Dhaka on Friday (January 12) morning, reports UNB.

Rizvi said, “The journey of yet another blackest artificial government characterised by one-party fascism begins it journey in Bangladesh political history, on the blackest day of 1/11, after the swearing-in of dummy MPs based on dummy results of a dummy election held with dummy candidates, dummy voters, dummy polling agents and dummy observers.”

The BNP leader also said the people of the country and the democratic world have rejected the ‘fascist’ regime of Sheikh Hasina by boycotting the dummy election on January 7. “They also turned down all the processes involved with that election, including persons, the results, the oaths, the parliament and the government.”

Rizvi said the new parliament and the cabinet are not acceptable to the country’s people. “People rejected it from all fronts.”

Rizvi, who has been holding virtual press conferences since BNP leaders went into hiding following violent clashes with the police on October 28, attended his first in person press briefing on Friday as the party’s central office reopened on Thursday.

He said their party leaders and activists have been in a movement for the restoration of democracy and people’s voting and other democratic rights.

The BNP leader claimed that people manifested their support in favour of the movement of the BNP and other opposition parties by boycotting the ‘so-called’ election on January 7.”

The BNP leader said the Awami League leaders defeated in the January 7 election are now branding Sheikh Hasina as the prime minister of illegal votes by narrating the incidents of vote fraud, vote robbery and various irregularities.

“The defeated candidates are now publicly saying who have been taken to the polls with how much money. The cat is slowly coming out of the bag. All misdeeds of the ruling party are getting exposed.

“BNP has long been saying Sheikh Hasina is a vote thief and now people belonging to Awami League are saying Sheikh Hasina is a vote thief and Sheikh Hasina is a vote robber,” Rizvi said.