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United Medical ordered to be closed

United Medical College Hospital, situated in the capital’s Badda area, has been ordered to be closed for not having the registration.

Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) on Sunday issued the order with a notification signed by Mohammad Mainul Ahsan, director of Hospital and Clinic section of the directorate.

Earlier, father of five-year-old Ayaan, who died following full anesthesia during a circumcision procedure at United Medical College Hospital, made a plea on Wednesday (January 10) to the DGHS seeking for cancellation of the hospital’s licence after a proper investigation.

The victim’s father Shamim Ahmed said in the letter, “They killed my son and we came to know that many others have died earlier in the hospital due to their negligence. Therefore, I urge to revoke the hospital’s licence after proper investigation.”

He also said in the letter that if the hospital’s licence would not be cancelled, there will remain risk of losing many other lives.

Later, an investigation committee of DGHS has asked Shamim Ahmed to give his statement at Mugda Hospital.