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Speed up dev works in next 5yrs: PM Sheikh Hasina directs admin

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday directed the administration to expedite development works in the next five years.

“We’ve been elected for five years. But our time is very fixed. So, I want our development works to be expedited so we can take the country forward further,” she said.

The premier made directives while exchanging views with the field-level government officials at her residence at Tungipara in Gopalganj, reports UNB.

She asked the field administration to consider the returns from a development project while designing and undertaking it.

“When you undertake any project, you must keep in mind what would be its return and how much the country and the people would be benefited, if the project is implemented,” said Hasina adding that she doesn’t take any project just only for spending money.

She said many countries have slipped from the track of a developing country, but Bangladesh didn’t as it has successfully overcome many obstacles and could keep a stable position in different parameters of being a developing country.

“So, we’ve to take preparation accordingly (for the journey as a developing country),” she said.

Taking a swipe at the critics of her government, the PM said some people and a class of people are there who don’t feel good with anything. “Most of them are very known to me. I’ve known about their activities from my student life,” she said.

The premier said conspiracies continue against Bangladesh not only locally but also internationally. “So, don’t be upset seeing and hearing these. I am telling all about it in advance,” she said.

She asked all not to pay heed to the negative remarks against the country, rather have determination, confidence and a sense of self-esteem to continue doing whatever is necessary for the welfare of the country and the people and the development of the common people.

Noting that many countries couldn’t think that Bangladesh would be so developed and advanced in the last 15 years, she said adding that many are envious seeing the success and development of Bangladesh in the recent years.

“So, don’t be worried, hesitating and reneged seeing these (rumours and negative remarks against Bangladesh). You will have to go ahead with self-confidence,” she said, pointing at the government officials.

Many plots and conspiracies were there to stop the January 7 election, the PM said. She expressed her gratitude to the people for their spontaneous participation in the election.

She extended her thanks to the Election Commission, public administration and law enforcement agencies, including armed forces for their roles in holding the 12th parliamentary election.

The PM directed the field administration to implement the social safety programmes properly, to ensure waste management up to union level to protect the environment, develop every upazila in a planned way and campaign further among the common people about the universal pension scheme.

Mentioning that the government now provides Tk 45,000 crore subsidies to the gas and electricity sector, she stressed the need for enhancing the electricity tariff gradually not mounting inflation.

She said the cost of electricity production is very high but the electricity is given at a subsidised rate.

Saying that Bangladesh has already signed an agreement with India for trading in rupee,  Hasina put emphasis on trading with few more countries in their currencies in order to reduce dependency on dollars.