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Shaheda Obayed launches new political party

Prof Dr Shaheda Obayed, former chairman of Dhaka Education Board, on Saturday launched a new political party ‘Democratic Reforms Party-DRP’ aimed at reforming the country’s existing democratic system.

“We want to reform the country’s existing democratic system. We want to promote a healthy political system, coming out of the existing politics of conflicts, blame-game and nepotism,” she said at a press conference at the Jatiya Press Club here.

Shaheda Obayed, mother of BNP organizing secretary Shama Obayed, is the convener of the new party- DRP.

“Launching of a new political party is our first step. Our prime motto is -‘serving the people against the present culture of ruling the country,” she added.

Highlighting the objectives of the party, Shaheda Obayed, wife of BNP’s former secretary general late KM Obaidur Rahman, said, “You all know that for over the past 30-35 years, the people witnessed partisan politics, then family rule and nepotism. Now we want to see the country free from this political trend. We want to evaluate qualified, talented, skilled, patriotic people. Today, we have started journey towards that goal.”

“Elections will be held after another five years, my health is not very good. I will not contest elections. I think if we can start working now with some good people, I am sure we can move forward,” Shaheda Obayed added.

At the outset of the press conference, coordinator of the new party Major (Retd.) Amin Ahmed Afsari read out the party’s objectives.

He said the new party believes in team leadership and a team of some competent people will run its activities.