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‘Mega corruption in the name of mega development’

Criticising the Awami League government, BNP standing committee member Dr. Abdul Moyeen Khan has said to hold the power, around one lakh cases have been filed against opposition leaders and activists and 50,000 have been made accused in false cases.

“Hundreds of thousands of people of the country have sacrificed their lives. Today, after 53 years of independence, a question has emerged in the minds of 18 crore people: Where is democracy,?” the BNP leader said after paying respect at the National Memorial in Savar,”

According to Dr. Moyeen, hundreds of thousands of crore taka have been laundered abroad, casting a shadow over the country’s developmental achievements. “Mega corruption in the name of mega development”.

Regarding Awami League’s democracy, Moyeen Khan said, “They say about democracy, but in reality, they are following one-party rule.”