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Hindu Aid UK Annual Conference in London

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, Hindu Aid UK marked a significant milestone with its inaugural Annual General Meeting held at a Restaurant in East Ham, London. The event brought together members to reflect on past achievements, outline future endeavours, and establish a new leadership structure. The appointment of Dr. Sukanta Maitra as the new Chief Coordinator and the formation of a revamped working team and  Mr Mihir Sarkar as head of advisory committee were met with enthusiasm.

The meeting commenced with a sacred recitation from the Srimad Bhagavad Geeta by Pradip Saha, followed by an enlightening introduction to Hindu Aid UK’s mission and objectives by Chief Coordinator Mr. Mihir Sarkar. Admin Coordinator Anupam Saha efficiently moderated the proceedings, highlighting the organisation’s achievements and challenges. The treasurerMr Sojoy Saha presented the full accounts report.

Throughout the meeting, various coordinators such as Ajit Saha, Sujit Sen, Chinmoy Chowdhury, Dr Sukanta Maitra, Royal Mitra and Dip Sharma provided updates on their respective areas of responsibility. Additionally, various participants such as Shantanu Das Gupta, Mr Himanish Goswami, Anagh Roy, Prosenjit Paul, Adhir Das,Shaymol Datta, Sushanta Saha, Pilton Dey, Bijoy Sarkar, Kamal Saha, Rupom Sahaand Miss Shuchishmita Maitra expressed their support and voiced satisfaction with Hindu Aid’s progress In light of organisational restructuring, Narayan Bhattacharjee proposed a reshuffle every two years. Anupam Saha outlined the proposed new committee, recommending Dr Sukanta Maitra as the new Chief Coordinator.

As the meeting concluded, outgoing Chief Coordinator Mr. Mihir Sarkar expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve and announced a transition towards an advisory role. The appointment of Dr. Sukanta Maitra as the new Chief Coordinator was warmly received, along with the formation of a new working team and advisory committee.  The event concluded on a celebratory note with flower bouquets presented to outgoing and incoming leadership. Attendees enjoyed a delightful array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine, fostering camaraderie and fellowship.