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Power cuts plague Sylhet: Frustration growing among residents and businesses

In Sylhet city, frequent power outages are affecting the daily lives of its residents and the local economy. The city has experienced severe load shedding in recent days, impacting traders and disrupting the water supply managed by the city corporation.

Experts attribute the problem to a significant shortfall in power supply. The Sylhet region faces a gap, with demand ranging from 140-160 MW against a supply deficit of 40-60 MW.

The Sylhet Power Development Board’s records reveal stark disparities: on April 2, demand hit 141 MW against a mere supply of 56 MW; April 3 saw demand at 120-130 MW with only 66 MW supplied; and on April 4, the supply was just 69 MW against a demand of 135 MW.

As Eid-ul-Fitr approaches, traders, in anticipation of the festive rush, have decorated their establishments, only to rely on generators amidst the frequent outages. The disruptions have also inconvenienced residents during crucial times like Sehri and Iftar.

Zakir Ahmed, a local trader from Golapganj, voiced the community’s distress, stating, “General people and businesses are the worst sufferers, and we fear the power cut problems will only worsen with the summer heat.”

Echoing the sentiment, Airin Sultana Nipa, a housewife from Lala Dighirpar, shared her struggles, “The power goes out before dawn, causing water shortages at critical moments like Iftar and Sehri. It’s disheartening to face such challenges.”

Jarjisur Rahman Rony, an assistant engineer at the Sylhet Power Development Board, shed light on the dilemma, “We’re distributing what little electricity we have. The issue isn’t with the infrastructure but stems from broader economic challenges affecting power generation, such as the dollar and coal crisis, forcing us into load shedding.”