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No specific threat related to Pahela Boishakh celebrations: DMP

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Habibur Rahman has said that there is no threat of militant attack on the Pohela Boishakh ceremony at Ramna Park Botomul in the capital on  Sunday.

He said comprehensive precautionary measures have been taken at Ramna.

The DMP Commissioner told the media on Saturday after visiting the venue of Pohela Boishakh at Ramna Park marking the Bangla New Year.

To ensure public safety, all scheduled events will conclude by 5 pm, and the premises will be cleared immediately afterward, he Rahman stated, underscoring the importance of these measures in light of past terror activities that targeted such cultural gatherings.

He also informed the media about the detailed the extensive security arrangements in place, including the use of CCTV surveillance, drone monitoring, and watchtowers strategically placed around event venues.

The DMP commissioner said that the Bomb Disposal Unit has also completed a preliminary security assessment and has defined clear roles for maintaining safety.

To control traffic measures will be enforced around Dhaka University and the Ramna Park area and for diversions will be enforced on Saturday evening to facilitate secure and orderly celebrations.

As part of the security the archways and metal detectors at all entry points of the Ramna have been installed to enhance screening processes and access to the venue will be allowed until 5 pm on Sunday, the DMP chief clarified.

Additionally, Detective Branch of Police and plainclothes officers will in the venue and surrounding areas for security and in terms of health and safety , a temporary medical centre will be operational.