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Squatters vow to stay in Gordon Ramsay pub

Squatters have vowed to remain inside a Gordon Ramsay pub in London – saying they have come to an agreement with the owner of the building.

The group of at least six people boarded up windows and put up a “legal warning” defending their occupation of the Grade II-listed York & Albany hotel and gastropub near Regent’s Park last week.

Lawyers for Gordon Ramsay Holdings International Limited (GRHI) secured a High Court order for the possession of the premises on Thursday.

However, on Saturday court orders taped to the doors of the premises had been torn down and one squatter said the group had “made a deal” and would be staying put.

‘Squat the lot’

The group had set up the since-closed Camden Art Cafe in the building and had pledged to serve free food to the local community.

Some of the squatters initially said they would comply with the High Court order leading to a steady stream of people leaving on Friday.

But a number are said to have since returned and it is unclear how many people remain inside the building.

One of the people squatting said: “We’re still here and we’re going to carry on staying here. We’re going to be security for him [the owner of the pub].”

Banners which had been draped from the balcony reading “whatever they say, squatters will stay” and “squat the lot” have been removed by the occupants.

The former pub and hotel building is up for sale for £13m following a protracted legal battle between the Hell’s Kitchen presenter and film director Gary Love.