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Kurti in summer

The capital Dhaka, along with the rest of the country, is currently experiencing moderate to severe heatwaves.

As the planet warms, experts say picking the right clothing to beat the heat will be critical to your health and well-being.

If you e making the wrong clothing choices, it can not only contribute to skin complications such as irritation, chafing and heat rash, but it can also contribute to heat exhaustion.

Heat exhaustion happens when the body loses too much water or salt through excessive sweating. Left untreated, it can progress to heatstroke, a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body can no longer control its temperature.

Humans are designed to self-regulate body temperature by radiating heat directly off the skin and by sweating. When the body overheats, the brain tells sweat glands in the skin to open up and get busy. But its not the sweat that cools us – its the evaporation of that moisture from our skin that chills the body.

Wearing loosely fitting clothing thats breathable and can allow for the evaporation of sweat from the body and the release of heat from the skin is going to be really critical.

Therefore, when choosing summer clothes, we need to pay attention to styles, materials, and colours to stay comfortable and stylish in every moment.

In the summer, the fabric must have properties that work together with the body to help dissipate heat and promote airflow. So that, to choose cool and comfortable fabrics suitable for hot, hot summer days.

Fabrics such as cotton linen are always a priority, because these are all cool, sweat-absorbing, soft fabrics so that the wearer does not feel heavy and frustrated in hot weather.

In summer, a Kurti or top can be a great option for social, family or corporate events. Kurtis are very popular among teenagers and young women for their stylish look and can be worn with any choice of bottom wear.

At the time fashionable and multi-dimensional in thought, Kay Kraft has come up with new design Kurtis and tops. Weaving designs of cotton, crepe silk, georgette, linen, dual tone fabrics, floral, geometric, paisley, tribal, ethnic motifs have been carefully used in these stunning Kurtis and tops.

There are variations in the neck, sleeves or bottom line. Straight, A-line, long and short kurtis of flared patterns can be weaved in heavy work without embroidery and prints as media. And when it comes to colour, gellite shades can be chosen from sea green, salmon, brick red, onion red, yellow, powder pink, mauve pink, coral pink, white, brown, chocolate, maroon.