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Bangladesh, India working together to unearth MP Anar murder mystery: FM Hasan Mahmud

Foreign Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud has said that the intelligence agencies of both Bangladesh and India are investigating the mysterious murder of Jhenaidah-4 MP Anwarul Azim Anar in India.

He said this in response to a question from journalists at the end of a preparatory meeting of ‘Dhaka Nodi Sanmelon’ 2024 demanding declaration of May 23 as the National River Day’ at the National Press Club on Thursday.

Dr Hasan Mahmud said: “Our diplomatic mission in Kolkata is in close contact with West Bengal authorities, Indian authorities and Indian police. As the matter is under investigation, we don’t want to provide more details now.”

Different information is coming out in the gruesome murder of MP Anar in a Kolkata flat. Several people including the mastermind have been arrested.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s detective branch (DB) said the MP Anar was murdered through a plan. He was killed on May 13. However, a call came from Anar’s personal mobile phone to his personal assistant’s (PA) cellphone on May 16, but the PA could not receive the call. However, he could not be successful contacting MP Anar over phone later on.

It is learnt that as per the plan, Bangladeshi-US citizen Aktaruzzaman Shahin, the mastermind and business partner of lawmaker Anar, rented a triplex flat at Sanjiboni Garden in New Town of Kolkata city. Earlier, he made a deal with some terrorists and killers staying in India. Then he took killer Amanullah to Kolkata on April 30. They hatched a plan to kill MP Anar sitting at a flat in Kolkata. Then Shaheen returned from there to the country on May 10. At that time, Shaheen’s girlfriend Shilasti Rahman, main killer Amanullah, Jihad, Siam, Mostafiz and Faisal were staying at the rented house of Shaheen. Implementing their killing mission at night on May 13, Amanullah, Shilasti and Faisal returned to the country. The mystery behind the brutal murder was unearthed after their arrest. They narrated the gruesome murder of MP Anar to the Detective Branch of police.

Detectives investigating the case said Amanullah and his accomplices exert pressure on MP Anar to pay Shaheen’s money after the lawmaker went to the flat. At one stage, Amanullah put a chapati on Anar’s throat. Then MP Anar was strangled putting a pillow on his face.

A DB official told the Daily Observer Online that it was a premeditated killing. All the information used to be conveyed from the Kolkata flat to mastermind Shaheen in Dhaka. After the murder, Amanullah informed Shaheen about the killing. Then Shaheen ordered to conceal the dead body at any cost.

Quoting Amanullah during an interrogation, the DB official said Shaheen directed Aman to hide the dead body. Receiving the directive, Aman cut the body of MP Anar into several pieces. Then two large-sized trolley bags, bleaching powder and white polythenes were brought from outside. Following the cutting of the body, the pieces were put in trwo seperate trolleys. Then the floor of the flat was washed with the bleaching powder.

Sources said though MP Anwarul Azim was murdered on May 13, the first trolley filled with the pieces of his body was brought out from the flat on May 14. Two members of the killer group stood in front of a shopping mall with the trolley. Then the member of killer group –Siam was given the responsibility of carrying and dumping the trolley. Boarding a hired car, Siam took the trolley behind the car and then got down from the vehicle. However, Amanullah could not say where the trolley was taken to.

Leaving another trolley bag at the flat, Amanullah and Shaheen’s girlfriend Shilasti arrived in Dhaka by air on May 15. The trolley bag was later removed and dumped by Mostafiz, Faisal and others to somewhere else in Kolkata.

The DB sources said led by Amanullah, killer group members Mostafiz, Faisal, Jihad and Siam took part in the MP Anar killing mission. After the return of Amanullah and Shilasti to Dhaka, Mostafizur returned on May 17 and Faisal on the following day. Siam and Jihad went to India through illegal channel without passports. The DB is working to detect their positions.

Sources said Amanullah, Shaheen and Anar were known to eacxh other. However, Shaheen used Amanullah in Anar murder paying a large amount of money. Reaching a deal with Shaheen, Amanullah hired Mostafizur and Faisal Sahaji, while Shaheen hired Jihad and Siam in India earlier.

DMP’s additional commissioner (DB) Mohammad Harun-ar-Rashid said, “The incident was tragic. He (Anar) is a popular public representative in Kaliganj area of Jhenidah. Inhabitants of his constituency got stunned hearing about the murder. We are working giving much emphasis. It is a brital murder. We have been making close liaison with the Indian police. Several of the killers are now in our custody. Wec have received important information from them. We are unable to disclose anything more for the sake of investigation.”

He further said several persons were arrested. “We will bring rest of the culprits under the purview of law. We don’t want to disclose their names for the sake of investigation.”

Another official of the DB said they are trying to know where the pieces of Anar’s body were dumped. Because of it, Amanullah is being interrogated. He (Amanullah) said the body pieces were subsequently vanished after taking outside the flat in trolley bags. And, he doesn’t know anything more in this regard.”

Amanullah was once a leader of outlawed terrorist outfit Purbo Banglar Communist Party. He was in prison for 20 years in two murder cases.

Then Amanullah recruited two others — Mustafizur and Faisal for the job. They too were arrested on Tuesday, said an officer on the condition of anonymity.

Akhtaruzzaman Shaheen also hired two other killers — Jihad and Siam, who went to India without any passports, for the same purpose.