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Indiana governor says he wants to ‘fix’ religion law

22The governor of Indiana has said that he wants state lawmakers to “fix” a religious freedom law that has created a national outcry.
Critics of the law say it could be used to discriminate against gays and lesbians.
Governor Mike Pence said he wanted state lawmakers to add language to the law that clarifies its intentions, by the end of the week.
“This is a clarification, but it’s also a fix,” he said.
The bill, which was signed into law by Mr Pence last week, prohibits state laws that “substantially burden” a person’s religious beliefs. It defines “person” to included religious institutions, businesses and associations.
Mr Pence said he “was proud to sign” the bill, but that he believes “it would be appropriate to make it clear that this law does not make it give business a right to deny services to anyone”.
“I don’t support discrimination against gays or lesbians or anyone else. I abhor discrimination,” he said.
Over the weekend, Mr Pence repeatedly refused to answer direct questions about how the law might be used against gay people in a nationally televised interview.
Referring to that interview Mr Pence said on Tuesday, “I could have handled that better this weekend.”