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Bengali Nimaigeeti and Vaishnav Sangeet on 19 this Sunday

31RadhaRaman Society presents spectacular event of Bengali heart-perforating folk music and colourful folk

dance in Rich Mix on this Sunday the 19th of July 2015 from 12 noon to 5pm. The unique event will

collectively and connotatively expose as well as exude one of the influential Theo-philosophical movements

in Indian subcontinent called Vaishnavism.

Through the folk music, traditional Dhamail dance and brief discussion, the philosophy of Sri Chaitanya

(1486 – 1534) who pioneered a new meaning into Vaishnavism, Indian spirituality and mysticism – will be

unfolded with a beam of new lights on. The event is set to bring the magnificence of Bengali  folk music as

a serious art form; to connect and communicate diverse audiences from different cultural background

through mechanising seamless interpretation, for non-Bengali audience, wherever it is appropriate.

The event features prominent Bengali folk singers that include Himangshu Goswami, Gouri Chowdhury,

Hashi Rani, Porosh Moni, Amith Dey, Baul M Hussain and his team as well as Bharathanatyam artist Ishita

Bhattachariya, Dhamail artist Sohel Ahmed with a group of folk dancers.