With one week to go before the European Union Referendum on 23 June, the three British Bangladeshi MPs, Rushanara Ali, Tulip Siddiq and Rupa Huq came together today to call for a “Remain” vote.

The MPs said that the “Vote Leave” campaign has misled the British Bangladeshi Community over visa issues, and warned that the community would bear the brunt of cuts and economic decline if the UK left the EU.

Rushanara Ali MP said:

“Since 1975 the cornerstone of Britain’s prosperity has been our membership of the European Union. Britain is stronger and safer as part of a single market.”

A vote to leave risks another economic recession and half a million jobs lost with working families hit hardest. All the leaders of the Labour Party, including all the British Bangladeshi MPs, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and Councillors from across the country agree. The UK should stay in and we should vote to ‘Remain’.”

Tulip Siddiq MP said:

“The vote Leave campaign has told British Bangladeshis that recent visa restrictions for Bangladesh are the fault of the EU. They are not. They are Tory decisions made by this Tory Government. “

“if the UK votes to leave we will get a more right wing Tory Government supported by UKIP, which will make it even harder for family members and workers to get a visa to visit or work in the UK.”

Rupa Huq MP said:

“The EU has guaranteed rights at work, time off and maternity rights. It has helped create a strong economy within a market of 500m people. All small businesses would be badly affected if we vote to Leave, because it would mean money and investment flooding out of the UK.”

“A Brexit vote would be followed by inflation, recession and house prices falling, which will put people out of work and reduce money available for the NHS and other public services.”

The MPs said:

“The Leave campaign is guilty of serious misinformation on the issue of visas for skilled curry chefs from Bangladesh and other countries.”

“Priti Patel and other Brexit campaigner have told restaurant owners that the EU is the reason that curry chefs are being denied visas. Priti Patel has promised that the cap on immigration from Bangladesh will be lifted if Britain votes Leave.”

“She is deliberately misleading people.”

“The decision to restrict skilled migrants from outside the UK is nothing to do with the EU. It is a UK decision made by a Conservative Government which includes prominent Leave campaigners such as Priti Patel, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, John Whittingdale, Theresa Villiers, Boris Johnson and Chris Grayling. “

“Meanwhile Nigel Farage and Ukip called for an even lower migrant cap of 50,000 at the 2015 election.”

“Priti Patel has been employment minister since the last election, exactly what action has she taken to get curry chefs onto the shortage occupation list? She and her Government has the power to fix the curry crisis right now, why don’t they do it?”

“Michael Gove has admitted that post-Brexit it is their intention to keep the “tens of thousands” net migration target. This means there would be no let up on restrictions imposed on skilled migration from the rest of the world, they would simply apply to EU workers as well.”

“Meanwhile the economic impact of a Brexit would be devastating for the economy and hit small businesses hard including the catering industry.”

“Anyone who believes the Leave campaign claims that leaving the EU would solve the problem will end up feeling misled and betrayed.”