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IWPG hosts Talks with Influential Women to find a Solution for Peace

gfddCape Town, South Africa – The South African Branch of International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) held their 4th Conversation for peace on the 12th July, 2016 at the Center for the Book. This was a congress of distinguished women who sought the steps to achieve peace actively.

This dialogue allowed women from different professions and communities to gather – to discuss ways to promote peace within their society. The topic of this dialogue, “Nurturing a Culture of Peace” is in line with the 10th Article of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, Spreading a culture of peace.

The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, proclaimed in 14th March 2016, is a solution to bring about peace to humanity. This Declaration is a preparation of legally binding instrument to dispose all means that initiate war and armed conflicts.

vccThe women who have attended the dialogue, searched for the various ways in which they could tackle the social ills at grass-root level that contributed to national and global conflict. Present at the event was Councilor Suzette Little from the DA (Democratic Alliance) and Dorothy Gopie from the ANC Women’s League, who showed solidarity in protecting the youth from conflicts and working together in finding sustainable solutions towards peace. They expressed that it is imperative for women become agents of change instead of being receivers of change. Dorothy Gopie said, “We as woman need to be deliberate in our efforts to bring changes in our homes and our communities.”

Their speeches presented a roadmap for establishing harmony in their regions, all expressing the desire to leave behind peaceful world as a legacy to future generations. Nancy, Regional representative of IWPG said “We as women need to be architects of change and protectors of our children. We have to spread the message of peace to give hope to the hopeless and nurture a culture of peace in our communities. We as mothers are agents of peace and have the power to cultivate a desire of peace in the hearts of our children.”

Her sentiments were later echoed by Marlene Le Roux, who spoke about the significance of these dialogues as a tool for change. She also highlighted that these dialogues transcended across different races and political affiliations and were a source of hope for those who were present. “It’s the steps taken today by the woman in this venue that will change the world. Despite our differences, together we can create a world where love and human rights are universal and unchallenged.”

The atmosphere created by the speakers generated a lot of support from the audience. They applauded the efforts that IWPG and the speakers were making, creating synergy in the local and global community.

International Women’s Peace Group runs various projects with the aim to empower woman and protect with a mother’s heart. It is the gathering of women who embrace the world with maternal love. Their mission is to raise awareness about peace to everyone around the world, as well as working hand-in-hand with global female leaders and women’s organizations, providing assistance of love and support places that are desperately seeking peace.


Apart from the above activities, IWPG is also appointing and running HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee, alongside with Social VIPs and another wing of HWPL, IPYG (International Peace Youth Group). The main purpose of HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee is to let people know about the DPCW and urge the society to give a signature of support. After collecting signatures, the Declaration will be proposed to United Nations so that it will become a legally binding instrument.