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Quran is unaffected of pseudo effects


Fatema Miah:

Prophet Muhammed (SA) was illiterate, and therefore the accusation casted upon him by the Jews what known as now the former bani Israelis, that peace be upon him the last prophet Mohammed was reciting copied Torah verses,  proven that he didn’t because he wasn’t literate to read Torah or any written scriptures to copy them. Neither new release revolutions could be written poems.

Angle jibrael or Gabriel worked in bringing down the versus and angles do not make mistakes and it was made sure by Allah to keep the words and phrases correct or unchanged. People were made to memorise in the same style by word to word and verse by verse. The definitions were fully described in the hadith each acts and moments with the angles guidance again. Finally Quran was written down with collective memorization and written verses from everyone with checking the exact verses. Therefore Quran is error free and unchanged.

Quran was made to memorize as word to word by different people and recorded collectively. It was nothing like whisper by individuals at different times from memory, it’s like memorized a poem. About human memory, it’s true human memory can fail. Here it’s about divinity. Quran is God and angels meticulous work. And Muslims collectively memorized it and not passed on by individual to individual one at a time.

Islam is an all encompassing religion, mind you; democracy, welfare system and women’s status and stance in Politics and women in profession come from Islam. Quran is original and there is no change in any copies. Angels are not as described in fairy tale with wings. Quran says there are other creations alongside mankind and there were before mankind.  So, as an example, there is an assumption word alien specie presumed are in existence.

Being an educator having experience of different teaching topics and methods and necessity for selective of text for suitability. understandably what is know that is everything cannot be discovered, not always possible to detect fact with figures. Therefore along side rationality, logic and critical thinking feeling and devotion do matter to maintain a diverse respect of inclusivity.


Quran is Devine revelation from the creator of the universe, which cannot be compared to Chinese whisper. It’s unlike Buddhism what is a human created faith practice for human from individuals though process, which was (set in practice with good intention no doubt), as a regional suitability. Faith is matter of spiritualism; Quran is Divinity links to infinity and beyond and it is eternal and it’s teaching factors are forever science compatible with its educational functioning factors of science advancement. Quran is all encompassing of teaching with it having space for adaptability to changing climate to social capacity for the needs.

Quran is inclusive of Torah and original Jesus’s Gospel and Moses commandments. Yes, right human being do make mistake and there were errors in the past millenniums, the books of guidance were misintererpteted, partially denied and twisted, or mixed up messages by human being, and Abbot etc., were enforced in place.

Whos saying, in the past century or two Quran not being played similar with? Answer  is, the sectarianism. Muslims aren’t error less.

However, the Quran its words verified phrases/ verses are remained unchanged from its original phrases/versus and protected by Allah. Every science invention is an astonishingly amazing and advancement thus not all proven to be brought or been good for Earth and living beings.

Our advanced world we grew up in and accustomed and used to is proving not promising a great future for  the earth. In our advancement Quran didn’t agree to our extravagancy of progressive inventories those we grew up with wow factors that made our this contemporary generation been born are, what else would you call them if not paralyzed; disinterested and lazy?

And the climate issue?

Yes, we human are never err free. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com