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Journalist Jahedi received Tower Hamlets Council’s Civic Award

Bangla Mirror Desk:
Civic Award winners with the Speaker of the Tower Hamlets Council, 12 local heroes have been recognised for their years of dedication and contribution to their neighbours and the wider community in the Tower Hamlets Civic Awards.
The awards, which were held at the Art Pavilion in Mile End on Tuesday 2 May, were open to people who live, work or study in the borough and who help to improve the quality of life for others.
Nominations opened at the end of last year and the winners were chosen by a cross party panel, chaired by the Speaker of the Council, and including representatives from the community.
 Mohammad Abdul Munim Jahedi, (Karol) a writer, journalist and organizer involved in humanitarian and service work, received the prestigious Civic Award of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council in the year of the coronation of the King of Britain.
 He received this award for his outstanding contribution to the welfare of the community.  Mohammad Jahedi has been closely involved with various social, charitable, Sports and Islamic organizations and has devoted himself to the welfare of the community over the years. The Civic Awards were presented at a glittering ceremony hosted by Tower Hamlets Council at The Arts Pavilion in East London on Tuesday (2 May 2023) afternoon. Councillor  Maium Talukder, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Education, Youth and Lifelong Learning of London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council, Intermin Chief Executive Stephen Halsey, GLA Member Umesh Desai spoke as guests at the award ceremony which started with the welcome speech of Borough Speaker Councillor Shafi Ahmed.  Besides, Lead Member Councillor Kabir Ahmed, Councillor Iqbal Hussain, Councillor Kamrul Hussain, Councillor Belal Uddin, Councillor Abdul Mannan, Councillor Ahmadur Khan, Councillor Amin Rahman, Councillor Ahmodul Kabir, Councillor Badral Chowdhury, Councillor Abdul Wahid, Councillor Abdul Malik, Councillor Abdal Ullah, Councilor Rebaka Sultana and other councilors were present as invited guests.
 In the event, the speaker and guests gave awards to 12 people who received awards in various categories, including journalist Mohammad Jahedi, for contributing to the development of the community from their own positions. It is to be noted that Mohammad Abdul Munim Jahedi, a well-known face of Bangladeshi community activist and journalists in Britain, was awarded the Tower Hamlets Council Civic Award for performing important duties through the Council of Mosque Tower Hamlets during the Corona epidemic.  It is one of the most prestigious awards in Britain. The awards are nominated annually by an impartial board in recognition of social, cultural, journalistic and charity work.
 On receiving this award, journalist Mohammad Jahedi said, “We do not work for the society in the hope of getting any recognition. For the past forty years, the committee has been working for the sake of Allah only and for the welfare of the humanity of the community. Devoted only to the service of humanity throughout my life, working endlessly without any expectation of reward or recognition. I spent my time and efforts making our borough a great place to live.
 My late father was also a devoted soul of social welfare and he devoted his entire life to help the welfare of people. He didn’t take anything in return, he just gave. Following the path taught by an ideal father, I try to follow him and uphold his teachings and values.  Thanks to my wife and family members. Also thanks to Honorable Speaker Councillor Shafi Ahmed, Mayor Lutfur Rahman and all those who nominated and voted for me for the Civic Award. This recognition is a unique honor which will inspire many individuals to engage in social, cultural and charity work with renewed vigour. Thanks to all those who have encouraged me to do community service at various times. I will spend the rest of my life in the welfare of humanity. I want this recognition to encourage everyone like me.” -Advertisement
The Speaker of the Council, Councillor Shafi Ahmed said:
“Our civic awards are a great way for Tower Hamlets to officially recognise the hard work and dedication of those who continue to focus their time and efforts making our borough a great place to live.
“Each worthy winner shares a sense of public service far beyond what would be expected of them, so I’m delighted to say we see what you do, and we thank you for the commitment you continue to show to others.”
Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman said:
“Many congratulations and thanks go to all those who were nominated or have won a civic award this year. Each of these civic heroes have made positive contributions to their communities, and more directly have improved the lives of people in the borough. They are the best of Tower Hamlets and we should be proud of them.”